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10 May 2016

IOM Libya Aids Internally Displaced Families in Bani Waleed, Tarhouna

Posted on Tue. May-10-2016

Libya - Over the past three days local authorities and NGOs in Bani Waleed and Tarhouna have asked IOM to provide support for hundreds of newly arrived internally displaced persons (IDPs) fleeing conflict in Sirte. 

Many families fled their homes leaving their belongings behind, according to IOM partners on the ground, who conducted a rapid assessment to verify the number of IDPs and identify their most urgent needs. By Saturday, they identified 1,064 newly arrived families in Bani Waleed.

IOM sent 250 non-food item (NFI) relief kits and 250 hygiene kits to Bani Waleed’s local council. These were distributed on Monday by the local authorities and “Al-Salam” – an NGO partner.

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Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals in 2016: 187,631; Deaths: 1,357

Posted on Tue. May-10-2016

Greece - IOM reports an estimated 187,631 migrants and refugees have entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain, through 8 May and 1,357 fatalities on the three major Mediterranean Sea routes connecting North Africa and Middle East to Europe. The number of fatalities is unchanged since last Friday. 

Some 2,800 new arrivals have been recorded in the past five days, almost all of them coming to Italy. Arrivals in Greece since Friday, 6 May are just under 100 through the weekend. For the year IOM estimates 155,399 migrants and refugees have made the short voyage from Turkey to Greece’s Aegean islands. All but 3,947 arrived before 1 April.

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For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrivals and fatalities please visit: #MigrationEurope


"Our interconnected world needs a dignified approach to human mobility, rather than one built on closed borders and criminalization.” - UN SG Ban Ki-Moon. Read more

Migration in the News
  • Vice reported that African migrants in Libya face kidnapping, torture and robbery on smuggling routes to Europe.

  • Voice of America reported that a new UN report expresses concern about rising xenophobia and discrimination against migrants and refugees.

  • CNN visited a dump of life-vests discarded by migrants on the Greek island of Lesbos, which has been described as an "ecological timebomb."

  • Press TV reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the European Union of “dictatorship” and “cruelty” over its treatment of the recent wave of refugees fleeing violence in their home countries.

  • Deutsche Presse Agentur and Focus reported on IOM’s assisted voluntary return and reintegration programme for failed asylum seekers in Greece.

  • RT reported that according to the leader of Poland’s ruling Law & Justice Party and former PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski, no refugees will be accepted in Poland, as they pose a threat to security.

  • Radio Dabanga reported that according to UNOCHA, in the first four months of 2016, some 54,708 South Sudanese refugees arrived in Sudan’s Darfur region and West Kordofan State.

Trending on the Internet

  • BBC reported on how a humble Syrian wedding broke the monotony and misery of life in Greece’s Idomeni border refugee camp.


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