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08 June 2016

IOM works with IDPs in Diffa region. Photo : Amanda Nero / IOM.

Thousands Flee Niger Town Following Boko Haram Attack

Niger –  Thousands of people have reportedly fled the town of Bosso in Niger’s southeast region of Diffa, following an attack on a government military post by Boko Haram insurgents on Friday (3/6). Fighting reportedly continued through the weekend, but according to the authorities, Nigerien forces have now regained control of the town.

No official figures relating to displacement have yet been released, but Bosso reportedly appears deserted. IOM and partner agencies will take part in an assessment mission to the area this week.

People fleeing the fighting, which resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, reportedly headed for the towns of Toumour and Diffa. Others went to a camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) in the area, that is already nearing its 10,000-person capacity, according to UN officials.

The UN has not had a presence in Bosso since Boko Haram raids on the town started a year and a half ago. But reports suggest that many of the Bosso IDPs are sleeping in the open and urgently need food, shelter and medical assistance.

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Rupert Neudeck. Photo: DPA

Obituary: Rupert Neudeck: A Life Well Lived


Rupert Neudeck (14 May 1939 – 31 May 2016) was a German journalist and humanitarian.  He died aged 77 of complications following cardiac surgery, writes Douglas MacPherson.

Born in the Free City of Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland), he lived with his family in Danzig-Langfuhr (now Wrzeszcz) until 1945, when German civilians were being evacuated from Eastern Germany.  His family missed the sailing of the evacuation ship.   That ship was subsequently torpedoed with heavy loss of life.  Rupert and his family were displaced persons and refugees in his early childhood.

In his youth, he studied law and Catholic theology and eventually worked as a journalist. In 1977 he was a correspondent for the Deutschlandfunk, the German public broadcaster.

In 1979, Rupert and his wife Christel, together with several friends formed the committee: “A Ship for Vietnam.”  Motivated by the plight of the Vietnamese “boat people” who were fleeing post-war Vietnam by boat, they chartered the Cap Anamur, a commercial freighter, for a rescue mission to Southeast Asia. 


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Migration in the News
  • Reuters reported that according to IOM, some 320 migrants and refugees are now feared to have drowned off the Greek island of Crete last week.
  • AFP reported that the US, Mexico and Central American nations began talks in Honduras on a shared action plan to tackle a wave of migration, mainly from Cuba and African countries.

  • DPA reported that an estimated 10,000 migrants have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean since the start of 2014, citing IOM and UNHCR data.

  • Reuters reported that Sudan has extradited to Italy an Eritrean suspected of being a kingpin in an organized-crime network responsible for bringing thousands of migrants and refugees to Europe.

  • El Pais reported on Norway’s efforts to cope with an influx of refugees and migrants. Another El Pais report looked at the issue in other Scandinavian countries.

  • The Guardian ran an Op-Ed by UNHCR’s Keane Shum on the plight of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar crossing the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea to try to reach Malaysia. 

Trending on the Internet

  • Bloomberg reported that according to the OECD, European Union countries should do more to encourage potential highly skilled migrants to choose to settle in the 28-nation bloc for work.
  • Foreign Policy reported that if the Turkey-European Union refugee deal fails, it will not just be migrants who will suffer. It will be liberal democracy in Europe.


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