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23 June 2016

‘Take Back Control of Immigration’ Rallying Cry for Leavers

By Leonard Doyle

The catchphrase “Take Back Control” which turbocharged the "Brexit" campaign for Britain to leave the EU brilliantly exploited an anxious nation’s concerns about sovereignty and change in an encroaching multicultural world. Fears about immigration provided much of the oxygen for today’s vote. A frighteningly high number of voters it seems, believed the exaggerated statements made about refugees and migrants to be true.
By turning the Brexit catchphrase “Take Back Control” on its head in the run up to the forthcoming UN Summit on Refuges and Migrants on 19 September, IOM intends to demonstrate that the answer to the migration ‘crisis’ is indeed already a well managed process.

The Leavers won't tell you but those who have most successfully  “Taken Back Control” of their lives  are the very people who are on the move – refugees and migrants. ‘Dog whistle’ politics is an underhands way of using phrases that mean something anodyne to the general population but something quite sinister to targeted members of the electorate.

This is something that bears repeating when populist politicians and the click-bait media are telling us we need to take control of immigration. In fact most migration around the world is legal and orderly and managed by nations states, often with IOM support and training. The same can be said for refugees where UNHCR and IOM so often partner.

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The Longer View: Migrant crises

The current migrant crisis in Europe has made headlines around the world as millions seek refuge in countries across the continent. The scale of the latest crisis has not been seen since the end of World War Two, but tackling mass migration has proved to be an almost constant concern. From Biafra to the Balkans, solutions are rarely straightforward. The BBC goes back to the archives and charts some of the biggest migration and refugee crises through the years.

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For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrivals and fatalities please visit: #MigrationEurope



"Root causes of migration need to be addressed, as does the stigma and discrimination suffered by migrants in countries of destination." - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Read more here.
Migration in the News
  • Washington Post reported that this year is turning out to be one of the deadliest for asylum-seekers who try to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

  • IRR reported that lawyers are seeking support to launch a much-needed legal centre in Lesbos, Greece for those detained in refugee camps on the island.

  • Al Jazeera reported that thousands of families who continue to flee Fallujah, Iraq face a "catastrophic" situation, aid workers say.

  • Haberler reported that Indonesian authorities revealed that they are coordinating with the Sri Lankan embassy to repatriate more than 40 ethnic Tamil who have been stranded on Sumatra island for over a week.

Trending on the Internet

  • Pew Research reported that about four-in-ten of the world’s migrants live in the US or Europe, according to the UN Population Division.

  • Vice News visited a migrant shelter in the northern French port city of Calais and took an inside look at a typical school day for migrant children stranded in the port.


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