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02 September 2016

Families and unaccompanied child migrants leave Greece to travel to Finland. Photo: IOM

IOM Aids Relocation of Families, Unaccompanied Child Migrants from Greece to Finland
Posted on Fri. September 2, 2016

Greece - IOM helped two groups of asylum seekers to leave Greece for Finland this week under the European Union (EU)’s ongoing relocation programme. Of the 82 people relocated, 11 were unaccompanied children.

On Monday (29/08), 42 people were relocated from Greece to Finland.  The group comprised 36 Syrians, six stateless individuals and one unaccompanied child.  Today, a group of 38 Syrians, one Iraqi and one Eritrean are traveling from Athens to Helsinki. There are 10 unaccompanied children among them.

Since the beginning of the relocation programme, 419 people have been relocated from Greece to Finland, including 281 Syrians, 95 Iraqis, 9 Yemenis, 9 Eritreans and 25 stateless persons. They included 180 children with family members and 38 unaccompanied children. Only four unaccompanied children have been relocated to other EU Member States.

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Newly arrived migrant and refugee families with children at a shelter in Germany. Photo: Ashley Gilbertson / UNICEF.

Children and Unsafe Migration in Europe: Data Briefing
Posted on Fri. September 2, 2016

Germany - With an increasing number of migrant children reported missing in Europe, questions arise about the availability, coverage and reliability of data on children migrating to and through the European Union.

IOM’s Berlin-based Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) analyses the evidence base in its latest Data Briefing Issue 5, released today (2/9).

It is estimated that over 250,000 child migrants crossed irregularly into Italy and Greece in 2015. For Italy, of 16,500 child migrants, over 12,000 (72 percent) were unaccompanied. For Greece, no official distinction between accompanied and unaccompanied is made at entry for the purposes of data collection, although the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) estimates that at least 10 percent arrived without parents or guardians.

“Child migration into Europe is diverse and often invisible in data and policy. European States consider children as “accompanied” or “unaccompanied” differently.  This not only affects the rights and entitlements they receive, but how they are counted in the data,” notes GMDAC Director, Dr. Frank Laczko.

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"We must remember that children continue to risk their lives. The lucky ones of course are saved. But many are not." - Sarah Crowe, UNICEF spokesperson. More here.


For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrivals and fatalities please visit: #MigrationEurope

Migration in the News
  • Al Jazeera reported that Italy's coastguard and vessels from other European nations have rescued 13,000 refugees and migrants from unseaworthy, overcrowded boats off the Libyan coast in the space of four days.
  • Reuters reported that 1,725 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Thursday.
  • PRI reported that thousands of people are continuing to take the risky passage across the Mediterranean to Italy this summer.
  • VOA’s French service and La Croix also reported rescues off Libya by the Italian coastguard.
  • Huffington Post reported a slight increase in the number of migrants and refugees arriving on Greek shores in August.
  • Newsweek reported on a former Guantanamo Bay detainee from Yemen who was never charged, but spent 11 years behind bars. After his release he was sent to Slovakia, where IOM is trying to facilitate his reintegration.
  • Czech News Agency reported that 100 students from over 50 countries will participate in the 8th Summer School of Migration Studies organized by IOM and Charles University.
  • IRIN reported that cases of human trafficking cases are rising in Vietnam as traffickers capitalize on the growing use of social media among young people.

Trending on the Internet

  • Wall Street Journal reported that  Pope Francis is assuming direct responsibility for migrant and refugee issues, creating a new department that merges four Vatican offices into one handling peace, the environment and human trafficking.

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