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09 September 2016

IOM assists Afghan children returnees at a transit center. Photo: IOM 2016

Crisis Looms Amid Skyrocketing Numbers of Afghan Returnees from Pakistan: IOM
Posted on Fri. September 9, 2016

Afghanistan - Hundreds of thousands of people are crossing into Afghanistan from Pakistan, prompting warnings of a major humanitarian crisis.  As many as 600,000 Afghans – registered refugees and undocumented returnees – will return to Afghanistan before the end of the year with another 400,000 on the move within the country, according to IOM and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).                                         

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IOM staff assists asylum seekers to relocate safely from Greece. Photo: IOM 2016

EU Relocation of Asylum Seekers Gathers Pace as 222 are Relocated this Week
Posted on Fri. September 9, 2016

Greece - IOM this week helped 222 asylum seekers relocate safely from Greece and Italy to other European Union (EU) Member States under the EU’s relocation programme, continuing a trend of increased numbers of relocations in recent months.

EU relocations from June to August this year reached 2,596 people, which is 60 percent of the total number relocated so far under the scheme. 

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"My name is Taffan. I left my home of Kurdistan Iraq when the Iraqi forces launched the 'Anfal Campaign' against the Kurds. We eventually arrived in Sweden, where my childhood included everything a child could ask for after having witnessed war." Follow us.

Migration in the News
  • Euronews reported that a year since the EU announced plans to resettle 160,000 refugees, only 4,500 were actually resettled.

  • News Deeply reported that while the expected flood of Syrians to Egypt after the EU-Turkey deal never materialized, Egyptian and African flows are rising, and the long-term detention of migrants demands urgent attention.

  • The Economist reported on the ongoing repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan.

  • Rudaw reported that over 90,000 more Iraqis have been displaced by war since mid-June, adding to the estimated 3.3 million who have fled their homes since 2014.

  • Berita Satu reported that Indonesia’s Chamber of Commerce and IOM have held a second Annual Forum to prepare an action plan for the private sector's involvement in counter trafficking.

Trending on the Internet

  • Wall Street Journal reported that as many as one million refugees in Turkey will receive debit cards and monthly cash transfers to help pay for food and housing under a new humanitarian program from the European Union.

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