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08 March 2017

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Photo: Muse Mohammed / IOM

IOM Seeks Greater Access to Decent Work for Migrant Women and Girls

Switzerland - We live in a world in constant motion, writes IOM Director General William Lacy Swing.  This is defined by the mobility of capital, goods and services but above all the mobility of people. Millions of people are moving, within and across borders, in search of something better.   

One of the fastest growing groups is women and girls migrating for employment, caught up in the ever-changing, globalized world of work. Current estimates by the International Labour Organization put the official number of international female migrant workers at 66 million, which does not include the large numbers of migrant women working or migrating irregularly. Numbers of internal female migrant workers are estimated to be much greater.

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Female migrant workers in Asia often work in badly paid jobs with little or no social protection. File photo: Thierry Falise / IOM

Why Migrant Women Need Gender Equality and Empowerment in “The Changing World of Work"

Thailand - Becoming a migrant is an increasingly common life and professional choice for women in Asia, writes Dr. Nenette Motus, IOM’s Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific.

According to the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, women now account for 42 percent of the total number of migrants in the region.

Popular destinations for female temporary labour migrants originating from Asia include the oil-rich Gulf countries and the fast-growing economies in Southeast Asia.

More women are also migrating to developed nations in East Asia, Europe and North America to meet growing demand for their labour, particularly in the health care sector.

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For Afghan women, social engagement with other women is a priority. File photo: Sam Falsis / IOM

Gender and Durable Solutions in Post-Crisis Settings

Switzerland - On International Women’s Day 2017, IOM celebrates and honours migrant women and girls in the changing world of work, writes Pauline Mukanza.

The Gender Coordination Unit sat down with Ginette Kidd, Policy Officer in IOM’s Transition and Recovery Division within the Department of Operations and Emergencies, to gain insight into how gender equality and women’s rights fit within the work of durable solutions in post-crisis settings.

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How to contribute to the i am a migrant campaign. Watch here.

On this day, IOM honours the role that migrant women and girls play in our societies. Join us in celebrating International Women's Day. Watch Video


"We salute women’s achievements and acknowledge the challenges they face. And as we work with Member States to draft a ground-breaking Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, we call on governments and the international community to expand their access to decent work and ensure that their migration experience is as positive as possible." – IOM DG William Lacy Swing. Read more here.


Migration in the News

  • Reuters reported that fighting between rival people-smuggling gangs on Libya's Mediterranean coast has killed 22 people and injured over 100. Most are believed to have been migrants.
  • UN News and Just Earth News reported on IOM’s appeal to meet the emergency needs of 180,000 conflict-affected people in Eastern Ukraine. 
  • BBC reported on why expatriates worldwide are often seen as living in insulated “bubbles.” 
  • Sputnik reported that IOM Turkey has helped over 15,000 Syrians to apply for family reunification in Germany under its Family Assistance Programme. 

Trending on the Internet

  • Reuters reported that European Union nations have agreed a slightly revised long-term budget for the bloc, including an extra nearly EUR 4 billion to deal with migrant flows and border controls.
  • Stuff reported on an exhibition in Auckland's Maritime Museum of work by Tiffany Singh. “The Journey of a Million Miles​ – Following Steps” aims to challenge people's thinking about refugees and immigrants in New Zealand.

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