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20 July 2017

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International Dialogue on Migration 2017

Geneva – "Migration is an individual endeavour" - Mohammad Haque, Foreign Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh speaking at IOM’s International Dialogue on Migration in Geneva, Switzerland.

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IOM Family Assistance Programme: Reuniting Families
(IOM) Iraq – The IOM Family Assistance Programme supports family reunification applicants in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon with the visa application process for Germany. At their offices, IOM helps them to complete the forms and prepare their documents in order to reunite with close family members already granted asylum in Germany.

The family reunification process starts with an online appointment to a FAP centre, where IOM staff ensures the completeness of their documents while assisting them in preparing their application. In Lebanon and Turkey, IOM also supports the Consulates by collecting visa applications on their behalf.

For parents waiting with young children, a playroom, with toys, books and colouring pencil sets, provides them with some entertainment. Children are also taught basic German language skills, to prepare them for their new lives before travel.

In addition to the 50,000 cases processed by IOM’s FAP office in Lebanon, Turkey and Erbil, the three offices have also provided remote assistance to an estimated 162,000 Syrian and Iraqis at an average of 1,400 per month.

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Costa-Gavras: "Solidarity is about respecting the ‘other’ regardless of who he or she is."
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The latest ICAO (the UN International Civil Aviation Organisation) TRIP Magazine has an article, on pages 26-29, about IOM’s Immigration and Border Management work in Mali and on page 7, a brief note about the IOM-ICAO MoU concluded in November last year.  Read more


Migration in the News

  • Dawn and Pakistan Observer reported that the European Union (EU) and UNODC launched a joint project, “GLO.ACT”,  to combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling.
  • DW reported that the German consulate in Erbil is helping Iraqi refugees overcome bureaucratic obstacles on their way to rejoining family members in Germany.
  • CNN reported that Boko Haram survivors are gradually returning to their respective communities, many of which remain bullet-ridden ruins and unsafe for farming. The timing of the returns coincides with the worst economic crisis experienced by Nigeria in over two decades.
  • The Washington Post reported that in certain parts of the world, specifically in Ethiopia, there is a growing realization that with climate change, certain ways of life are becoming much more difficult to sustain.
  • ICAO’s latest TRIP magazine features an article on IOM’s border management technical assistance provided to Mali.

Trending on the Internet

  • The Economist reported that one seemingly simple policy could make the world twice as rich as it is now: open borders.
  • The Mercury News reported that 42 per cent of California’s workers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations were born in a foreign nation, according a recent analysis.


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