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02 August 2017

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For the Future of Our Children, We Must Fight Human Trafficking
By Luca Dall’Oglio, CEO of USAIM for IOM.

(Medium) Washington DC - Every time I see a child, I see the future. Our future lies in the hands of our children and grandchildren and this is why as the CEO of USAIM for IOM, the U.S. non-profit partner of the International Organization for Migration, I make the commitment to protect our children against all forms of exploitation.

As adults, our first priority should be to provide our youth with nurturing and education. We must ensure that our children grow in a safe and peaceful environment where they can blossom and make up plans for their future.

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IOM thematic experts attended the EDD brainstorming session. Photo: European Union 2017

Remittances in Receiving Communities: How to Reap Their Value

(Medium) Brussels – At this year’s European Development Days, IOM and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) held a joint brainstorming session on “Remittances and Development in the ACP-EU Dialogue”. This session aimed to find out-of-the box solutions to remittance transfer cost problems. One of the key concerns about money transfers for migrants is how to maximize the impact of that money when it reaches home. The brainstorming session posed some questions in this regard.

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Barbara and Chaqir: "Being different is not something bad. It adds to the lives of people that you meet."
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Migration in the News

  • UN News Centre reported that the UN has scaled up its efforts to tackle the humanitarian crisis in northeast Nigeria, after a visit by IOM Director General William Lacy Swing and the allocation of $10.5 million from a new fund.
  • AFP reported that bodies of eight migrants have been found at sea off the coast of Libya by rescuers coming to the aid of four rubber dinghies, the Italian coastguard said on Tuesday.
  • DPA reported that Italy‘s planned naval operation to tackle migrant traffickers in Libyan waters will not encroach on the sovereignty of Libya, Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti said.
  • News Deeply reported that since Egyptian authorities cracked down on people smuggling last year, the Eritrean population in Cairo has swelled.
  • Bangladesh’s The Financial Express reported that the government has signed an agreement with IOM to further strengthen and expand the cooperation between Bangladesh and the UN migration agency.
  • The Nation reported on IOM’s handover to the Thai Immigration Bureau of five Verifier Travel Document and Bearer workstations to detect passport and identity fraud. It quoted IOM’s Dana Graber Ladek.

Trending on the Internet

  • AFP reported that migrants are attending free open-air language classes organised by a refugee support group at a dozen locations across the French capital, Paris.
  • BBC reported that most of the refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean to land in Europe have to travel for days in the Sahara desert on their way to Libya. Italian journalist Giacomo Zandonini shared his story as he returned from Niger where he spent a whole month meeting people walking through the desert.


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