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23 August 2017

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Young people from a local NGO in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. File Photo: Ollivier Girard/UN

UN Migration Agency Launches New Project to Promote Youth Employment in Burkina Faso 

(IOM) Ouagadougou – On Thursday (17/08), IOM, the UN Migration Agency launched a new project dealing with the nexus between youth, employment and migration in central east Burkina Faso. It aims to promote youth employability and entrepreneurship to reduce the risk of irregular migration in the region.

Burkina Faso, like other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, is witnessing an increasingly high migration flow due to unemployment and lack of income opportunities for its very young and fast-growing population. Youth are most affected by the phenomenon of underemployment and unemployment due to their low level of employability (66.7 per cent of youth have not received any training) and difficulties in accessing the means of production, which drives them to irregular migration.

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EU Relocation Scheme Up Close: Joude’s Story

(IOM) Geneva – “We didn’t choose to become asylum seekers. We are looking for peace. Now we can rebuild our lives.” Joude Jassouma is a Syrian who was relocated by IOM with his wife and daughter from Greece to France through the EU Relocation scheme. In this short video, he tells us about his journey, his experience in Greece, and how he is getting along now in France. 

The EU Relocation scheme offers a safe and legal way for asylum seekers in clear need of international protection to be transferred from Italy and Greece to other European countries participating in the programme. As we approach the 2nd anniversary of the programme, over 26,000 people have been relocated from Italy and Greece with IOM’s support (as of 22 August 2017).

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The Migrants Making a Clean Sweep in Rome

(BBC) Rome – Two Nigerian migrants are paying their way in Rome by volunteering to clean up the city's streets.

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2017 Global Migration Film Festival: Call for Entries. Promote the film festival and our call for film submissions. Read more


Aware Migrants is an information campaign based on true stories told by migrants who have made the Mediterranean crossing. Read more


Aqeel: “I hope to bring a sense of love, peace, happiness and friendship with me to each new place I go.”
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Migration in the News

  • UN News Centre and Xinhua reported that UN agencies including IOM, UNHCR and WHO were providing assistance to thousands fleeing the Iraqi city of Talafar, ahead of military operations.
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation reported about asylum seekers in Italy participating in a community service scheme which helps them get involved in volunteer work.
  • Prensa Latina reported that more than 3,000 Haitians live today in displaced persons camps, built after the 2010 earthquake that caused more than 300,000 deaths.
  • The Guardian reported that 17 refugees who were found clinging to a lighthouse off the Florida Keys after fleeing Cuba in a self-made raft, and then were sent to Guantánamo Bay for a year, have been resettled in Brisbane, Australia.
  • The Jakarta Globe and Indonesia’s Metro TV News reported that next Friday, the Indonesian government officials and business leaders will convene in Perth, Australia for the inaugural meeting of the Bali Process Government and Business Forum.
  • Nepal’s MyRepublica reported that 88 per cent of Nepali migrant workers surveyed preferred to use formal channels like bank transfers to remit money home.

Trending on the Internet

  • BBC reported that 60 undocumented migrants from Central America were discovered locked inside a food truck by US officials as they tried to cross the border.
  • The Guardian ran and op-ed by Gracie Mae Bradley, an advocacy officer for Liberty who argued that it’s poisonous to use homelessness charities’ data to target migrants.



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