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05 October 2017

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IOM Director General, William Lacy Swing receives the award from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Djibouti, Abdulkader Kamil.

UN Migration Agency Director General Recognised with Top Djibouti Award

Djibouti - UN Migration Agency Director General, William Lacy Swing was this week (03/10) honoured with an Officer of the National Order of 27th of June award by the East African nation of Djibouti. The award was presented by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Djibouti, Abdulkader Kamil.

Director General Swing accepted the prestigious award on behalf of 11,000 IOM colleagues in 500 sites and 170 countries around the world. “We at IOM appreciate this symbol of recognition and support,” said Swing.

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Re-Creating Home: How a Syrian Architect Cured Homesickness with Art

Washington, D.C. (IOM) – Syrian artist and architect, Mohamad Hafez has been homesick since the day he left Syria and moved to the United States in 2003. His homesickness will never go away, he said, because he will never again find the country he had left back then.

“You realize that the country and the civilization you left are no longer there,” Hafez said during an interview. “Even if I go back today it is not what it used to be there.”

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Pipeline: Delivering Shelter in South Sudan

South Sudan (IOM) – The Shelter and Non-Food Items (S/NFI) Cluster in South Sudan ensures that much-needed relief aid reaches displaced and vulnerable populations across the country.

In the small village of Jikmir, World Vision, SSUDA, the Logistics Cluster and IOM coordinate to deliver and distribute shelter and NFI to families displaced by recent insecurity in the area.

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Sylvie: "I don't like the word 'integration,' I prefer 'inclusion'. We all have to work to be a part of the society we live in."
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Aware Migrants is an information campaign based on true stories told by migrants who have made the Mediterranean crossing. Read more​


A global database tracking data on deceased and missing migrants along migratory routes.
Please visit: MissingMigrants.iom.int


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Migration in the News

  • Xinhua and Dhaka Tribune reported that IOM Director General William Lacy Swing issued a personal plea calling for interventions to end the suffering of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
  • Reuters reported that humanitarian organisations helping Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh said they need $434 million over the next six months to help up to 1.2 million people in dire need of life-saving assistance.
  • Asia Times reported that humanitarian agencies helping Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are hoping that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other “non-traditional” donors will respond to the plight of their fellow Muslims.
  • Bangladesh’s New Age reported that relief agencies continued fighting to contain outbreak of diseases among more than half a million half-starving Rohingyas as diseases in their makeshift settlements were on the rise.
  • UN News Centre reported that with some 8,500 people displaced over the past two weeks amid Iraq’s military operations to retake Anbar province, IOM announced that it is stepping up provision of life-saving assistance.
  • Premium Times reported that after failed attempts to cross over to Europe from Libya, around 138 Nigerians on Tuesday returned home with the help of IOM.

Trending on the Internet

  • AP reported that a 106-year-old Afghan woman who made a perilous journey to Europe in 2015 that involved her son and grandson carrying her through mountains, deserts and forests, has finally been granted temporary shelter in Sweden.
  • The New York Times reported that popular ice cream makers and founders of Ben & Jerry’s signed an agreement to help improve migrant dairy workers’ conditions.



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