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10 October 2017

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A Rohingya boy receives one of the first Cholera vaccine doses, at a UN Migration Agency (IOM) clinic in Jumbali, in the world’s second largest mass immunization for the disease which started this morning (10/10). Photo: Muse Mohammed / IOM 2017

UN Migration Agency, Health Partners Launch Massive Cholera Vaccination Campaign in Cox’s Bazar

Posted on Tue. October 10, 2017

Cox's Bazar –  In a race to prevent an outbreak of cholera among over half a million Rohingya refugees who have arrived in the past six weeks, health teams in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh today launched a mass immunization operation to dispense oral cholera vaccine (OCV).

The campaign follows a joint international effort to mobilize 900,000 doses of the vaccine from global emergency stockpiles, and detailed planning led by Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and international agencies, including the World Health Organization, IOM, UNICEF and MSF.

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On Sunday 8 October, UN Secretary-General António Guterres joined a UN distribution – including IOM – in eastern Dominica. Photo: IOM 2017

UN Migration Agency Responding to Urgent Shelter Needs of Thousands Affected by Hurricane Maria in Dominica

Posted on Tue. October 10, 2017​

Dominica – Three weeks after the devastating crossing of Category 5 Hurricane Maria over Dominica, islanders are in dire need of water, electricity, food and other supplies. However, the most urgent need for the long term is housing.

“From available satellite, visual imagery and based on estimated housing stock of just above 26,000 homes, it has been estimated that 23 per cent are gone. Those houses do not exist anymore. They have either been blown into the sea or totally scattered in pieces across the island,” said Jean Philippe Antolin, who leads IOM response operations in the Caribbean. “Thirty-nine per cent of the houses have sustained severe damage, and a further 28 per cent have been affected to some degree,” he added.

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Migration in the News

  • International Business Times published a photo story showing the new surge in the numbers of Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh.
  • UN News Centre, Just Earth News, NPR and Financial Tribune reported that at least 13 Rohingya refugees, 11 of them young children, fleeing violence in Myanmar have drowned when the fishing boat they were on capsized in stormy weather. 
  • Bangladesh’s The Daily Observer reported that the Australian government will provide AUD 20 million as humanitarian support for Rohingya people who have taken shelter in Bangladesh after escaping Myanmar. 
  • AP, AFP reported that 8 Tunisian migrants have died and a further 20 are missing after a Tunisian naval ship collided with a migrant boat. 
  • Reuters and Middle East Monitor reported that  UN agencies said they were trying to provide urgent help to large numbers of migrants held and then stranded in the smuggling hub of Sabratha as rival factions battled for control of the city.
  • AP reported that French President Emmanuel Macron says that the first operations to allow migrants to come legally to France from Niger and Chad will start in the coming weeks.
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that despite being widely hailed as a turning point in the global fight to end modern slavery, a new estimate of the number of people living as slaves worldwide could in fact complicate efforts to tackle the crime, several academics have warned. 
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that some 70,000 irregular Ethiopian migrants have been expelled from Saudi Arabia since March, as the Gulf Kingdom seeks to reduce its reliance on millions of migrant laborers. 
  • The Independent reported on research that found that ISIL and other terrorist groups are using slaves to generate funding and attract recruits including domestic abusers and rapists. 
  • Khmer Times reported that IOM has vowed to continue working with the Cambodian government to provide assistance to its people working abroad. 
  • Asian Image UK reported about a creative art workshop held in the UK that recognised that female migrants in the UK face specific challenges and vulnerabilities, and attempts to promote integration of female migrants into British society.
  • Philippines’ Business Mirror reported that the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) urged the Philippine government to increase its investments in rural areas to discourage Filipino farmers from migrating to other countries. 

Trending on the Internet

  • The Washington Post reported about a Denver-based landscaping company which hires dozens of temporary workers from Mexico each year because it can’t find enough Americans to take the jobs.
  • IPS reported that this year’s World Food Day will focus on the link between migration, food security and sustainable rural development.
  • Christian Science Monitor reported that as Europe puts up more barriers and chaos in Libya continues, the number of migrants returning home will likely increase. But returnees are also uniquely equipped to help educate others about the perils of irregular migration – and have a stake in healing the root problems that led them to leave in the first place


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