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12 October 2017

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Lek Khon’s daughter and nieces left Cambodia to work abroad in Thailand, where they can earn better wages. Lek Khon is left behind to care for their children. Photo: Muse Mohammed/IOM 2016

UN Office at Geneva Hosts Final Round of Global Compact for Migration Thematic Consultations

Geneva – The United Nations Office at Geneva is hosting the sixth and final thematic consultations of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM). The two-day event focuses on irregular migration and regular pathways, including decent work, labour mobility, recognition of skills, and qualifications amongst other pertinent issues.

This final thematic session will lead to the next GCM meeting to be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in December where governments will gather to take stock of the discussions that began on 8 May with the first thematic session on human rights of all migrants, social inclusion, cohesion and all forms of discrimination.

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Talawa's Story – A Reggae Revival on the Migrant Trail Chapter 3 - Trapped at the border

Central America (IOM) – The reggae band Talawa was formed in 2006, and it released  three records in ten years. This is the second part of a documentary that follows the band and their sound engineer during a journey across Central America and the United States motivated by the false expectations of a tour contract.

Watch Chapter 3 here | Watch Chapter 2 here | Watch Chapter 1 here

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The meeting gave the opportunity to consolidate inputs and recommendations from all regions to the Global Compact for Migration. Photo: IOM/Jorge Galindo 2017

UN Migration Agency Hosts Global Meeting of Consultative Processes on Migration

Geneva – The Seventh Global Meeting of Chairs and Secretariats of Regional, Inter-regional and Global Consultative Processes on migration (GRCP 7) took place on 10 and 11 October 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. This year’s discussion focused on inter-state consultation mechanisms on migration and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM). 

The meeting brought together representatives of 19 inter-state (at the regional, inter-regional or global level) consultation mechanisms on migration. Representatives of UN Regional Commissions and regional economic organizations, also participated. The meeting sought to identify common inputs to the Global Compact.

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Migrants and Disaster Risk Reduction: Read an article from IOM's Lorenzo Guadagno



Michel: "We need to listen to newcomers, help them integrate better in their new society in order to strengthen the social fabric."
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The new issue of Migration Policy Practice focuses on irregular migration and new ways to collect and analyse data.
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Migration in the News

  • Nikkei Asian Review reported that Myanmar plans to begin letting Rohingya Muslim refugees who fled to neighboring Bangladesh back into the country as early as next month, but at a very slow pace that the process could last nearly a decade. 
  • The Huffington Post reported that the new Global Estimates of Modern Slavery are such important milestones for the anti-slavery movement.
  • Qatar’s The Peninsula reported that Qatar Red Crescent Society is working to enhance the medical sector in Mosul, Iraq.
  • Finland’s Yle reported that a programme by the Helsinki Deaconess Institute offers help to undocumented migrants who have been denied asylum in Finland.
  • Biometric Update reported that UN agencies tracking displaced individuals are increasingly using biometric registration to better target aid, particularly in areas of conflict, where personal identification systems tend to be weak.  
  • Kathmandu Post reported that Nepal’s Ministry of Health organised a consultation meeting on the development of a National Migration Health Policy to address a wide range of health issues faced by migrants and their families. 

Trending on the Internet

  • Bloomberg reported about a new app that will help migrants phone home through a traditional phone network.
  • The New York Times reported about a Syrian girl who has a big social media after tweeting about the horrors of Aleppo and writing a book with her mother chronicling their experiences.




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