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26 October 2017

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Children refugees from Syria prepare for classes at the Syrian Social Gathering (SSG), a multi-service center supported by IOM. Photo: Muse Mohammed / IOM 2016

IOM Turkey Marks Fifth Year of Supporting People Fleeing Conflict

Turkey (IOM) – IOM, the UN Migration agency, is marking its fifth year of providing assistance to migrants and refugees in Turkey and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Syria.  Over two million people – migrants, refugees and IDPs –have received help so far. 

After years of regional conflict, millions of people fleeing violence do not have access to necessities or services like food, shelter and education.  Each month, hundreds of migrants and refugees continue to risk everything as they take desperate journeys to build a better life. 

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Three sisters, part of a Rohingya family of seven adopted by a Bangladeshi family in Shamlapur, in Teknaf sub-district. Photo: IOM/Muse Mohammed 2017

Bangladeshis Open Their Hearts, Homes to Rohingya Refugees

Bangladesh (IOM) - When primary school headmaster Abdul Jabbar Mahmoud set off from Shamlapur on his motorbike heading to Teknaf town, at the southern tip of Bangladesh for his monthly education department meeting, he had no idea that by the end of the day he would return home with seven extra mouths to feed. 

As his moped weaved between the potholes, his thoughts wandered to the day’s meeting between the sub-district’s headmasters and the education officer. 

As he sped along, engrossed in his thoughts, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He slowed down and stopped. 

“I saw them sitting on the roadside helplessly. Then I noticed the two babies. It touched me emotionally. I could not keep on riding anymore,” he said.

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Henri: "Be careful of staying isolated, forge trustworthy contacts and respect the rules of the home you're invited into."
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Migration in the News


  • AP reported that Britain has circulated a draft UN resolution that would condemn violence that has sent more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh.
  • India’s Frontline reported that Bangladesh is calling for a ‘sustainable return’ of the Rohingya refugees and demands the effective involvement of the UN and the strategic collaboration of other stakeholders for a viable and long-term solution to the crisis.
  • AFP reported that over the past 15 months, more than 2,000 migrants, including Pakistani nationals, who have voluntarily returned home from Greece have successfully reintegrated back into their countries of origin.
  • South Africa’s Gadget reported that statistics and analysis may sound dull but now big data is being roped into saving lives in the humanitarian hellholes of the world.
  • CAJ News reported that some 134 Somalians, including 61 children, have been repatriated from Yemen.
  • Philippines’ Business Mirror reported that children of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) find it difficult to manage the ever-changing modes of their existence: the sudden influx and outflow of resources entering the family coffers and the unannounced absence and unscheduled arrival of a key household member.
  • AIDF reported that on 27-28 February 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya, the Aid & Development Africa Summit will explore the impact of mixed reality technologies on the African healthcare landscape. 


Trending on the Internet


  • Al Jazeera reported that Rohingya refugees in camps have buried their dead wherever they could find the space. Without any land being set aside for graveyards by the Bangladeshi government, the refugees have identified their own sites.
  • PTI reported that interstate migration in India doubled between 2001 and 2011 compared to the previous decade, with Pune and Surat emerging as the most affected cities in the Asian region, says a World Economic Forum report.



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