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01 November 2017

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IOM nurse Rubel Hossain examines a child survivor on the beach. Photo: Raisul Islam / IOM

Four Die, Survivors in Critical Condition as Second Boat Carrying Rohingya Refugees Capsizes in Two Days

Cox’s Bazar - Around 2.00 am two nights ago (30/10), approximately 40 Rohingya refugees left Gorgondia, Myanmar, for Bangladesh on a small fishing boat. Early yesterday morning (31/10) around 8.00 am, the boat capsized off Baillakhali Sea Point in Jaliapalong Union, Ukhiya sub-district. It had just crossed the Bangladesh border and was trying to reach Shamlapur in Teknaf sub-district. They were 10 kilometres away from their destination.

Four refugees died in the tragedy, while 36 people were rescued by the local community - local authorities, members of local Union Parishad, fire service, police and local people, including fishermen. The remains of four people were recovered - one woman and three children, including Juhora Begum, a 60-year-old woman, Monira, a four and a half-year-old girl, Anamul Hasan, a 6-year-old boy, and another ten-year-old boy. The boy’s body was buried on the beach by people living nearby.

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The UN Office in Geneva hosted the 6th thematic consultation of the Global Compact for Migration. Ajda Cecv joined a panel on ethical recruitment. Photo: Jorge Galindo/IOM 2017

A Talk with Ajda Cevc on Ethical Recruitment

Geneva - Ajda Cevc, Sustainability Policy and Engagement Project Leader of IKEA of Sweden, talked to IOM about the hardship faced by migrants subjected to debt bondage and what it will take to transform the market in order to protect migrant workers. IKEA has been a longstanding partner of IRIS, a voluntary multi-stakeholder certification system for labour recruiters developed to support ethical recruitment of migrant workers. 

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IOM transit centres in Niger. Photo: Amanda Nero/IOM

The 21st Century Gold Rush

(Huffington Post) - The biggest refugee crisis in recorded history has engulfed continents, swung elections and fueled the rise of nativism. It has also made a lot of people very, very rich. These are the stories of the CEOs, criminal masterminds, pencil-pushers and low-flying vultures who have figured out how to profit from global instability, also known as human suffering.

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Makinata: "If the state told me tomorrow that I could go back, I would, but they won’t because it’s not safe yet."
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Migration in the News

  • The Guardian highlighted that severely traumatized survivors of sexual violence are being routinely locked up at the notorious Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre in the UK despite the introduction of a new policy in 2016 by the Home Office that advises against detention for people having experienced sexual and gender-based violence.
  • Voice of America reported that immigrants from Honduras and Nicaragua who have Temporary Protected Status in the United States will learn by Monday whether that status is to be extended.
  • The Guardian reported that a lawsuit has been filed seeking the immediate release of a disabled 10-year-old girl detained by the US Border Patrol after she went through a checkpoint on the way to hospital for an operation.
  • An article on Latinamérica Press delves into the migration history of the Brazilian city of Campinas in light of the new migratory flow starting in 2010. The article points out that diversity has been a factor for the city’s success.
  • According to Forbes, a booming food festival in Queens, New York, owes much of it success to migrant entrepreneurs from the Tibetan diaspora. The Momo Crawl food festival celebrates the succulent steamed Tibetan dumpling.
  • IPS highlighted the main themes for actionable commitments leading up to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
  • ABC reported that, according to a parliamentary inquiry, three Tongan workers have died and others are being forced to live and work grueling hours in pitiful conditions in Australia. 

Trending on the Internet

  • New York Times reported that Australia has moved forward with plans to close its Manus Island detention center in Papua New Guinea on Tuesday, cutting off access to food, water and electricity as more than 600 refugees and asylum seekers resisted relocation to a nearby city, where they said they would be attacked.
  • ABC reported that Libya's coast guard claim to have intercepted 299 African migrants on Tuesday, including 40 women and 19 children, on two rubber boats in the Mediterranean Sea east of the capital, Tripoli. The article cites IOM, the UN Migration Agency, on the number of migrants and refugees having entered Europe by sea this year.



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