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30 November 2017

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IOM and the Panzi Foundation in the South Kivu are supporting survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) and exploited children. Photo: IOM

Shattered Future: Sexual Violence and Child Exploitation in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo (IOM) "I rent a tent for five dollars a week, and pay 30 as a monthly fee to access an artisanal mining camp of more than 900 miners. To get there takes a two-hour climb from the nearest trading centre. I sleep with about six male workers, each of whom pays about three dollars per session. Sometimes a miner pays for an entire overnight session for five dollars. I have four children that I left with my mother in the provincial capital, which is about three hours’ drive from this site. Every month I spend three weeks on top of this hill providing sex services within the camp, then for a week I go check on the children and bring money for their upkeep..."

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Photo by Jason Florio / IRIN

How Europe’s Panic Over Migration and Terrorism is a Big Opportunity for Africa

IRIN — This week’s summit of African and European leaders in Abidjan is a chance to find a win-win solution, argues the International Crisis Group's Elissa Jobson.

Video footage of African migrants detained on their way to Europe being sold as slaves in Libya has provoked outrage and dismay in Africa and the wider international community. As a result, migration has been placed at the top of the agenda of this week’s fifth triennial African Union-European Union summit in Ivory Coast.

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The uncovering of slave auctions in Libya has sparked outrage across the world. Photo by Claudio Bresciani / AFP / Getty Images

Celebrities Urge Followers to Sign Petition Against Libyan Slave Auctions

Metro — Some of the world’s music’s biggest stars are urging followers to sign petitions against the cruelty of slave auctions in Libya and march on the closest Libyan embassy.

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Bringing stories of migration to the silver screen
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Syed: "Seniors do not seem to care for age or race, and they just greet everyone. It is a lovely habit that all generations should practice!"
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Migration in the News

  • AFP reported that Libya agreed with EU and African leaders to allow migrants facing abuse in detention camps to be evacuated within days or weeks.
  • Reuters reported that reports of abuses against African migrants in Libya have sparked anger across the continent, threatening to drive migration to the top of the AU-EU summit agenda and shine a spotlight on an issue fraught with political risk.
  • Centre for Global Development published an op-ed proposing channels for legal, managed, mutually beneficial migration as the AU-EU Summit got underway in Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Bustle reported that the Libyan slave trade has been enabled for years now. It noted that IOM sounded the alarm about the slave trade back in April, reporting that slave auctions were being held throughout the country. Buzzfeed also cited the same IOM report.
  • Bangladesh’s Daily Sun reported that the Rohingya crisis is too grave to ignore with more than 600,000 people fleeing violence in Rakhine into Bangladesh just in the last three months, with the initial influx that can be traced back to 1978.
  • Just Earth News reported on an IOM survey that showed that as temperatures plummet across eastern Ukraine, many who fled their homes following hostilities are forced to return to their original place of residence due to lack of jobs and money to pay rent in the places they were sheltering.

Trending on the Internet

  • Global Citizen reported about Ajak Deng, a former refugee who is now a top model in Australia and is helping raise money for refugee children.
  • The Hamilton Spectator reported about the #HamiltonForAll campaign which aims to make the Canadian city more welcoming to immigrants and refugees, while also encouraging people to take their own action to connect with newcomers.


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