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14 December 2017

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Augustine has found the opportunity to relaunch his radio host career where he least expected – at home. Photo: Julia Burpee/IOM

Greener Pastures on Home Turf

Geneva (IOM) – Every year, tens of thousands of West Africans cross the Sahara searching for a better life abroad. Many of these journeys are cut short as migrants become trapped in a spiral of false promises, hardship and abuse. Some of these migrants make it back home to tell their stories, hoping that other men and women wishing to migrate will learn from them. This is Augustine’s…

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IOM staff in Niamey, Niger providing assistance to 540 Nigerien migrants arriving with the third charter flight organized by the Government of Niger. Photo: Monica Chiriac/ IOM

Joint Press Release: Meeting of the Joint AU-EU-UN Taskforce to Address the Migrant Situation in Libya

Brussels (European Commission) – The joint EU-AU-UN Task Force on migration set up last month in Abidjan met today (14/12) in Brussels. The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini, the African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs, Amira El Fadil, Director General of the International Organization for Migration, William Lacy Swing, and UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Volker Turk discussed the encouraging results of initiatives put in place and a set of concrete actions aimed at addressing the dramatic situation of migrants and refugees in particular inside Libya, following the formal launch of the Task Force on 4th December in Addis Abeba.

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Fabiola, a Brazilian returnee shares her story. Photo: IOM

The Story of Fabiola: From Switzerland, Back to Brazil

Brazil (IOM) – Fabiola decided to return to Brazil after 17 years living in Switzerland. She is now launching a language school, through which she hopes to share the skills and culture she has acquired in Europe. She was recently invited as a speaker to the Migrant Voices panel at the IOM Council in Geneva. 

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A woman is embraced at arrival in Cido at the border of Chad after escaping Bangui on the convoy with some 1,300 Muslims on 30 April 2014. Photo: Catianne Tijerina/IOM

Engaging Audiences through Visual Storytelling

Geneva (IOM) – Why are Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood so successful? Because they’ve mastered the art of capturing audiences’ hearts and minds through storytelling.

If you want to successfully share key messages whether it’s raising awareness on human trafficking or hand washing instructions to prevent the spread of cholera, take a page out of Hollywood’s book and embed your key messages in a story. It’s so enjoyable that that your audience won’t even realize they’ve been ‘edutained’...

As the ancient Chinese proverb tells us "A picture is worth a thousand words." 

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A return with dignity, an opportunity back home - Watch here IOM's new video on assisted voluntary return and reintegration programmes.


The Global Migration Film Festival winning submission will be announced on Monday 18 December (International Migrants Day). The winner will be presented with La Cosmopolita statuette (above).

More about the GMFF here  |  See photos of GMFF screenings around the world here



Rafa and Alice: "We feel torn; when we go back to our countries we feel at home, but we miss Lisbon too!"
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Migration in the News

  • Voice of America reported that Amnesty International says European nations are taking steps to prevent refugees and migrants from crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya, trapping them in a system that exposes them to torture and abuse.
  • Time reported that it’s likely that few pregnant asylum seekers received adequate care in the months living up to their deliveries.
  • Nigeria’s Naiji Loaded shared the story of a Nigerian returnee from Libya who came back an amputee.
  • AP reported that hundreds of West African migrants who had been stranded in Libya are returning home as worried governments repatriate them amid outrage over slave auctions.
  • Cairo Scene listed some of the film entries for this year’s Global Migration Film Festival that are worth watching.
  • DPA reported that an Afghan refugee deported from Germany due to a procedural error received his visa at the German embassy in Pakistan on Wednesday, clearing his way for a return.
  • Arab-Brazilian News Agency reported that the number of immigrants in Brazil increased by 20 percent in the 2010-2015 period, to approximately 713,000 persons, according to an IOM report.

Trending on the Internet

  • The Guardian published the work of Veronica G. Cardenas, who photographed life on the route of la Bestia – the freight train on which Central American men, women and children band together as a caravan to make the brutal 20-day journey through Mexico.
  • Australia’s ABC reported that children who grow up speaking a language other than English are outperforming native English speakers in spelling in some states, the 2017 national school assessment report card shows.


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