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21 December 2017

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The NY art installation (including a virtual reality experience) received national media coverage (listen)

Photo: Amanda Nero/IOM 2017

Migrants Count: How the UN Calculated 257.7 International Migrants Globally

Berlin (GMDAC) – IOM’s Global Migration Data Portal features the new UN estimates for the number of international migrants. A world map allows users to interact with the data directly. The Portal also helps users to make sense of the data through a review of key definitions, strengths and limitations. On the Portal’s Video Blog section, Bela Hovy – Chief of Migration Section at UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, explains how the data is calculated and how it could be improved.

IOM’s Global Migration Data Portal - launched on 15 December 2017 at the German Foreign Office – is a one-stop-shop for 70 migration indicators from 18 sources. The release of the Global Migration Data Portal was covered in many media outlets including the New York Times, ReliefWeb, the Washington Post and the German N-TV.

Welcome to the Migration Data Portal

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IOM’s Participatory Video Workshop in Juba, South Sudan, allowed participants to learn filmmaking at their own pace with the trainers acting mostly as facilitators. Photo: Amanda Nero/IOM 2017

Social Cohesion through Filmmaking

The Global Migration Film Festival, More Than Just Film Screenings

Geneva (IOM) – This year, IOM, the UN Migration Agency wanted to take the Global Migration Film Festival one step further and directly engage with migrant communities.
IOM held participatory video workshops in Jordan, South Sudan and Switzerland leading up to the start of the Film Festival on the 5 of December. The workshops used the art of filmmaking as a tool to foster social cohesion and empowerment.

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Huda now no longer needs to squint her eyes or rub them continuously when watching her cartoons. Photo: Raber Aziz/IOM 2017

A Clearer World for Displaced Children

Iraq (IOM) – The ISIL takeover of Mosul in June 2014 changed Huda’s life forever. Brutal violence and oppression forced the then five-year-old to flee the city with her family. Before ISIL came, and having yet to start school, Huda would spend her days watching cartoons and playing with the other children on her street. Her mother, Fatima, recalls that “she used to rub her eyes often when she watched TV”, but it never crossed her mind that she might have an eye problem. 

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Filmmaker Amina Rwimo won the top prize for Best Emerging Filmmaker at IOM's Global Migration Film Festival

FilmAid-trained Amina Rwimo Wins Best Emerging Filmmaker Prize at IOM Global Migration Film Festival

Geneva (Film Aid) – On International Migrants Day, FilmAid trained filmmaker Amina Rwimo won the top prize for Best Emerging Filmmaker at IOM's Global Migration Film Festival. Her award-winning film, It Has Killed My Mother, is an intergenerational story about every girls' right to a life free from violence.

Amina herself has experienced violence first hand. While still a teenager she fled the Democratic Republic of Congo, first to Uganda, and a few years later arrived in Kenya. In 2015, after working in a safe house and counseling center for victims of sexual violence, Amina joined FilmAid's year-long Film Training Course in Kakuma Refugee Camp.


Germany and IOM, the UN Migration Agency have launched the first Global Migration Data Portal.
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Short video on the ACP-EU Migration Action's work on women in domestic servitude in Senegal.
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Find out more about ACP-EU Migration Action here


Jessy: "What’s important is being healthy, and having a job and a place to live, be it in Portugal or elsewhere."
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Migration in the News

  • All Africa reported on why African migrants, who despite facing deplorable living conditions, loneliness and unemployment in Italy, still choose to stay, even when they have the means to return. 
  • Inter Press Service ran an article about what it’s like to be a Latin-American migrant in Madrid. 
  • AP reported on how some African countries are taking bold steps to encourage borderless travel that could spur trade and economic growth on a continent in desperate need of both. 
  • CNBC Africa reported that IOM and USAID have launched a large-scale project to provide equitable access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services for people affected by the crisis in South Sudan while strengthening prevention of gender-based violence.
  • Miami Herald reported that a record number of Venezuelans were fleeing to other parts of South America, according to an IOM report.
  • Jewish Journal reported about Yazidis who had escaped ISIL terror in Iraq to form a diaspora in Nebraska, United States. 

Trending on the Internet

  • Reuters reported that an estimated 258 million people are international migrants, a figure that has surged by a half since the turn of the century, according to the United Nations.
  • TIME ran an op-ed by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who writes that only by regaining control can Europe solve the migration and refugee crisis.
  • IANS reported that India tops the world in the number of migrants sent abroad and more than half of the 16.59 million live in the Gulf region, according to a UN report. Mexico is second with 13 million of its nationals abroad.
  • Vice reported on undocumented migrants who are actually American citizens, but thanks to confusing citizenship requirements, they have lived for decades without knowing their true status.


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