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The UN Migration Agency (IOM) Media Briefing | 05 June 2018
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Madagascar (IOM) – Nature is essential to Madagascar’s identity. Mention the country and it will undoubtedly evoke discussions about its wildlife, natural richness or unique flora.

Madagascar’s unique biodiversity is shaped by its origins: the prehistoric break-up of the Gondwana’s supercontinents some 165 million years ago.

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Posted on Tue. June 05, 2018​​

Berlin (IOM) – In late March 2017, IOM published the final report for a project on Migration, Environment, and Climate Change: Evidence for Policy (MECLEP), which concluded that in many cases migration contributes to adaptation to environmental and climate change, as it allows affected families to diversify their income, improve their employment, health, and education opportunities, and prepare them to better face future dangers caused by natural factors.

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An interview with Dina Ionesco, Head of the Environment, Migration and Climate Change division at IOM Headquarters, Geneva. 

Geneva (IOM) – On the occasion of World Environment Day 2018, we sat down with Dina Ionesco to talk about the evolution of IOM's work on the nexus between migration, climate change and the environment over the years, and why it is important to include this nexus in the upcoming Global Compact for Migration. 

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