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28 June 2018

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A young man prepares to irrigate crops in Bol, Chad. Photo: IOM 2018

IOM Leads Climate Induced Mobility Tracking in the Lake Chad Basin

Chad - Since the 1980s, reduced rainfall in Chad has contributed to the shrinkage of Lake Chad, which has in turn had serious repercussions on the livelihoods of the region’s riparian communities. Though water levels seem to be increasing in recent years, the 90 per cent shrinkage of the lake’s water volume since 1960 will take decades to replace — if the current positive trend of 20–30 cm rainfall a year continues.

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Global Migration and Urban Expansion: An Interview with Ambassador William L. Swing

Geneva - Migration is one of the major defining factors of our time.

Today, one billion people – one out of seven people in the world – are migrants, including over 250 million people living outside their home country and an estimated 750 million domestic migrants.

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Photo: IOM / Francesco Malavolta 2014

Statistics Versus Stories: The Invisibility of Missing Migrants

Germany - What happens when someone dies? Usually, their body is found and reported to the authorities, who then investigate the death and record their findings in a forensic database. Their families often mourn the passing by posting an obituary in the local newspaper and holding a funeral, according to their cultural traditions, to bear witness to their life.

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Souleyman: "My fellow brothers need to know that this route is one of sacrifice. You don’t know how you will die, but chances are it will happen."

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Migrants are on the Rise Around the World, and Myths About Them are Shaping Attitudes
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  • The Guardian published an opinion piece focusing on migrant and refugee policy on the African continent.

  • Xinhua reported that UNHCR and IOM appealed to European Union member states on Wednesday to take region-wide action to reduce the needless loss of life at sea.
  • Prensa Latina reported that Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, proposed the creation of landing platforms for migrants outside the region to EU governments.
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that thousands of Muslim migrant workers from Myanmar risk being fined and deported from Thailand after June 30, under a new law that campaigners say may increase abuse and trafficking.
  • Euractiv reported that in an opinion poll on migration led by Avaaz, the citizens of four major EU countries overwhelmingly said they were in favour of solidarity and a joint European asylum policy for refugees.
  • UPI reported that the that the United States Vice President Mike Pence announced an additional $10 million in humanitarian aid to Venezuelans who have fled the country.

  • NPR spoke with two young volunteers at Casa Vides, a small, temporary shelter for migrants in El Paso, Texas which provides food and legal support to up to 40 people at a time.
  • The Strait Times reported that two Singaporean women, who launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 for Muslim migrant workers in Singapore, said they are surprised that the sum has hit more than $58,000 in five weeks.