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04 July 2018

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Sewing a Life

Geneva – Nour’s family fled Iraq in 1994 thinking they were leaving their home country for good. Nour did not know what country she would call their new home, nor could she predict the impact she would have on the lives of other women some 23 years later, back in Iraq.

The family spent seven years in Turkey waiting for their refugee application to be processed. During this time, Nour’s mother Insaf supported the family by sewing and selling passport bags, bible covers and handbags at local bazaars and churches in Istanbul. They were eventually resettled in Canada in 2001. IOM did the travel arrangements in cooperation with the Government of Canada.

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Nine-year-old Khingsley Dokowada, from Central African Republic, rests on the deck of a Spanish NGO vessel. Photograph: Olmo Calvo/AFP/Getty

Mediterranean: More than 200 Migrants Drown in Three Days

Libya (The Guardian) – More than 200 migrants have drowned at sea in the Mediterranean in the past three days, taking the death toll for the year to more than 1,000 and prompting fears that human traffickers are taking greater risks because of a crackdown imposed by the Italian government and the Libyan coastguard.

The UN refugee agency in Tripoli reported on Monday that 276 refugees and migrants were disembarked in the Libyan capital on Monday, including 16 survivors of a boat carrying 130 people, of whom 114 were still missing at sea. Further shipwrecks were found at the weekend.

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Natalia: "I probably won’t be able to repay all the kindness, but I would like to give something back to Estonian society in the future."

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  • Wall Street Journal reported on Europe’s tightening migration policy and looks at how it increasingly mirrors that of the United States.

  • Voice of America and Reuters reported that IOM, which was tapped to run new migrant centers around the Mediterranean, says the plan won't solve the European Union's immigration challenge.

  • Medafrica reported that Morocco and Tunisia have made it clear that they are opposed to the establishment on their territories of migrants’ reception centers as proposed by the European Union.

  • Xinhua reported that the number of migrants and refugees entering Europe by sea in 2018 has reached 45,808 people, while 1,405 people have lost their lives in the Mediterranean alone, according to the latest statistics from IOM.

  • NPR published a story about the people at ICMP who are identifying missing migrants which is reportedly a much more daunting task than handling missing persons cases concentrated in a geographic area.

  • The New York Times reported that Maltese authorities cracked down on two migrant ships, arguing in a hearing that the captain of one of the vessels had entered the country’s waters illegally and lacked a proper boat registration.

  • Forbes reported that hundreds of migrants, including children, are milling about, stranded, with dashed hopes and unfulfilled dreams in Agadez, Niger.

  • Prensa Latina reported that almost 9,000 migrants have returned to their homes from Libya through a voluntary program in the last six months.

  • IANS/AKI reported that Italy will donate 12 extra boats to Libya to help the turmoil-wracked country boost its coast patrols and stop migrant trafficking boats setting sail from its shores.

  • Xinhua reported that IOM and UN Habitat have launched an interactive platform involving Somalis in the planning of community projects.

  • Haiti Libre reported that since Monday, 2 July 2018, Haitians in Chile with a legal status (regularized) can apply for a humanitarian visa for family reunification, confirmed the Chilean Chancellor Roberto Ampuero.

  • The Los Angeles Times reported that the Los Angeles City Council and county Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to allow a legal aid fund for immigrants to be used for the defense of migrant children separated from their parents under the US’s “zero-tolerance” border policy.

  • The Strait Times reported about Taipei-based One-Forty Foundation which aids migrant workers in cultivating personal goals and bridging the gap with the locals through education.