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11 July 2018

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Solar powered water project launched in Yemen to serve 55,000 people. Photos: IOM/Saba Malme

Solar Power Delivers Water to Tens of Thousands of Yemenis

Sana'a – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, yesterday (10/07) handed over a large-scale solar power water project to the Government of Yemen that is helping to deliver approximately one million litres of water daily to 55,000 people in a country facing chronic water shortages.

Power generated by the 940 solar panels installed on three schools in Amanat Al Asimah and Sana'a Governorates began pumping water to residents of the neighbourhoods of Shu'aub, Al Madinah Al Syahya, and Sho'ob two weeks ago.

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Migrants rest in a dorm in Bihać, Bosnia-Herzegovina, May 11, 2018. Credit: Dado Ruvic/Reuters

Bosnia Emerges as New Underground Migration Route as Europe’s Borders Tighten

Bosnia (PRI) – Sipping tea at a safe house in northern Bosnia on a drizzly mid-June afternoon, Muhsin Saafi recalled admiring a sunrise over the mountains after he and his family walked all night to cross into the country.

“We saw how beautiful the landscape was and thought, ‘It’s like Switzerland!’” he said. “We were in a camp in Serbia for six months and then received a call from a family here who told us that Bosnia was a good country that respected families and refugees.”

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Maurice: "Close to the border with Niger, in the middle of the desert, at 11 pm, they unloaded 100 people."

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  • Kyiv Post reported that over 230,000 Ukrainians have been victims of human trafficking since 1991, according to IOM research.
  • UN News reported that around 14 per cent of suspected cholera cases reported in Yemen since the start of the crippling epidemic in April 2017 were registered in the key port city of Hudaydah, according to WHO.
  • Biometric Update reported that Somali government officials met recently with officials from the World Bank, USAID, and other development partners to discuss the progress of the Somali National Identity Program.
  • Xinhua reported that Ukraine may face an influx of irregular migrants because the European Union is introducing tougher migration policies, according to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
  • Tolo News reported that last week a total of 13,689 undocumented refugees returned from Iran, marking a nine per cent increase against the previous week.
  • Manila Bulletin reported that the Philippines endorsed the draft Global Compact on Refugees during the international consultations held at the United Nations in Geneva.
  • Azernews reported that Tajikistan and Afghanistan have opened border service representations on the Tajik-Afghan border.

  • AFP reported that according to IFRC, migrants face increasing barriers to accessing basic services and aid, and the organization is urging governments to ease those restrictions as Europe and America battle migration crises.
  • Euronews reported that investing in small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure may be the norm for Europe’s Investment Plan, but in Finland it is being used to experiment with a social bond, aimed at getting 2,500 migrants into the labour force and helping them become productive contributors to the economy.