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12 July 2018

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Rescued refugees and migrants arriving at a port in Italy earlier this year. Photo: L. Verduci/ Doctors Without Borders

Europe Needs to Stop the Criminal Business Behind Immigration

Rome (IPS) – Debating on migration as an emergency is a huge mistake and treating it as such opens the door for illegal and unfair activities, says a migration expert.

Laura Verduci, a humanitarian officer who has worked with migrants both in Europe and Africa for more than 20 years, tells IPS that she has seen migrant emergency funds being squandered or embezzled.

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What is the real truth about global migration? Photo: DPA

How Much Do You Really Know about Immigration?

Spiegel Online – According to a recent report by the United Nations, 258 million people around the world do not live in the country of their birth. Many emigrate of their own accord, for their career or family. Others must flee their homeland due to armed conflict or persecution

How much do you know about emigration and immigration? Where do the most migrants live? And where do emigrants from Germany go? Test your knowledge with our migration quiz! Click on "Let's Get Started!" to begin.

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Classmates of Adul Sam-on, one of the boys trapped in Tham Luang Cave, visited a tribute for the Wild Boars soccer team on Monday. Photo: Lauren Decicca/Getty Images

Stateless and Poor, Some Boys in Thai Cave Had Already Beaten Long Odds

Mae Sai, Thailand (The New York Times) – Adul Sam-on, 14, has never been a stranger to peril.

At age 6, Adul had already escaped a territory in Myanmar known for guerrilla warfare, opium cultivation and methamphetamine trafficking. His parents slipped him into Thailand, in the hopes that proper schooling would provide him with a better life than that of his illiterate, impoverished family.

But his greatest escape came on Tuesday, when he and 11 other members of a youth soccer team, along with their coach, were all finally freed from the Tham Luang Cave in northern Thailand, after an ordeal stretching more than two weeks.

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Farasat: "Everybody has the same rights at the start and at the end. So why do people discriminate against each other?"

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  • AFP reported that Spain’s Supreme Court has ordered Madrid to take in more refugees after ruling it had not honoured its EU commitment to accept least 16,000 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece. 

  • Spiegel Online shared the story of a Guinean migrant who set off for Europe carrying the expectations of his friends, family and village. He didn't make it and is now set for an excruciating return home. 

  • Voice of America reported that a man who was one of 69 Afghans deported by Germany last week has been found dead in a Kabul hotel room.  

  • DW spoke with Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva who noted that no EU member state was prepared for the refugee crisis. 

  • Thomson Reuters Foundation published an op-ed urging European leaders who are partnering with the Libyan authorities on migration management should make reforms to the detention system a condition of their support.

  • IRIN reported that while the EU welcomes a sharp drop in migrant arrivals, Libya’s Coast Guard is overwhelmed and complaining of empty European promises.