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02 August 2018

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Before attempting the crossing, migrants often live in camps like this in Morocco. Photo: Isabella Alexander/GlobalPost

Forty-seven People Died Crossing the Mediterranean in a Wooden Boat in February. This is Their Story

Global Post Investigation – “Most of the bodies were floating face down. Some wore life jackets. But there were a lot of life jackets without any bodies inside. At first I saw just one body, then another and another and another. It was terrible. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.” 

This is the memory of the crew member who first alerted Spanish Maritime Rescue to a capsized boat on Feb. 4. He was working on a ferry en route to Melilla, one of two Spanish enclaves still remaining in northern Africa. The ferry is part of Trasmediterránea’s large fleet and makes a daily trip between Melilla and Almería, on the Spanish mainland, carrying up to 1,250 passengers on each crossing. 

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Ahmad at Wembley when England was playing Nigeria. Photo: Fione Hanson/the FA

'Things are Going in the Right Direction': An Integration Success Story

London (InfoMigrants) – When around one million migrants arrived in Europe in 2015 they were referred to as a tide, a flood, a flow – and often perceived as a problem. TV news showed mile upon mile of faces, tired after long journeys, clinging on to rubber dinghies, waiting at barbed wire border fences with hands pressed in desperation against the wire. An overwhelming number of eyes staring out of hopeful and hopeless faces. 

Ahmad Al Rashid was one of those one million migrants. Three years on, he has managed to acquire a Master's degree and is working for the IOM, the UN Migration Agency in London. A story of successful integration.

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Khraw and Elena: “My family is my home and home is indeed where your heart belongs. So, yes, Romania is home for me.”

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  • UN News reported that the death of a local IOM employee in the latest Afghan suicide attack in Jalalabad highlights the tragic toll of violence against civilians across Afghanistan.

  • RFE reported that hundreds of thousands of Afghan migrants who once flocked to Iran for work are now returning to their war-torn homeland amid a crippling economic crisis.

  • N1 reported that some 100 migrants and refugees who were moved this week from the temporary settlements in Velika Kladusa and Bihac, in the north-west of Bosnia, are currently staying in Cazin municipality.

  • Middle East Monitor reported that a boat carrying 40 African migrants arrived in Tunisia, Wednesday, after spending more than 20 days at sea.

  • Foreign Policy reported that as charity workers are being arrested for saving drowning migrants, Europeans are reckoning with the widening gap between their politics and morality.

  • World Bulletin reported that the EU has pledged support to stem migrant arrivals in Spain.

  • Vancouver Courier reported about a new art exhibition, featuring works by Richmond-based artists Crystal Ho and Chad Wong and Vancouver-based artist Evan Lee which explores the theme of migration through food and language.

  • Politico reported that EU citizens routinely overestimate the proportion of people in their country born outside the bloc, when in fact many of Europe’s migrants come from other EU countries.