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16 August 2018

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“With her selfless and loving spirit, she inspired me to do more and strive to be better in my work.” Photo: IOM/Al Hmouzi

A Detained Migrant, Nurse and Humanitarian: IOM Staff Inspired by Migrant in Libyan Detention Centre

Libya (IOM) – It has been two years since I started working with IOM and I would not even call it ‘work’. These have been two of the best years of my life – building great experiences and relationships with colleagues and migrants from many different cultures and backgrounds.

I have documented many touching stories through the lens of my camera and this picture was no different. The experience of meeting the woman in this picture has stayed with me. Even if 10 or 15 years go by, I believe I will still be able to recognize her from her eyes and the look she has in them.

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Abdallah: Dedicated to the Humanitarian Cause

Jordan (IOM)  – Abdallah Khader has been working with IOM Jordan for over 20 years.

His inspiring story is an example of the rewards and challenges faced daily by thousands of humanitarian workers deployed to assist crisis affected populations around the world.

Humanitarian workers are #NotATarget.

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Nadifo: “I think Canada is a good country, where multiculturalism is practiced, where so many people are there together in peace.”

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  • The Guardian featured the story of a Bosnian war veteran who has turned his cafe into a free kitchen for migrants.
  • PCI and Newsweek reported that Portugal was the first European country to agree to take in migrants from the stranded rescue ship Aquarius. The report also noted that Spain is coordinating with six other countries to take in the other migrants from the ship.
  • MFA reported that human rights groups have called on the Iraqi government to resume sending medical equipment and medicine to displacement camps in the Kurdistan Region.
  • Defence Web reported that the Italian parliament has approved the donation of 12 patrol vessels to the Libyan Coast Guard to help stop the flow of irregular migrants in the Mediterranean.
  • Arizona Daily Sun featured the story of No More Deaths, a volunteer group dedicated to providing food and water to migrants trekking from Mexico into the US. 

  • Quartz featured the new Brooklyn photo exhibition by Filipino documentary photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani which explores the intimate and emotional lives of migrant domestic workers.
  • Reuters reported that the residents of a small coastal town in El Salvador on Tuesday celebrated a migration milestone and their links to Washington, D.C. whose mayor attended in a show of support.