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23 August 2018

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IOM is supporting the relocation of Venezuelans from Boa Vista to Sao Paulo and Manaus, Brazil. Photo: IOM

UNHCR and IOM Chiefs Call for More Support as the Outflow of Venezuelans Rises Across the Region

Geneva – The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi and the Director General of the United Nations Migration Agency, IOM, William Lacy Swing appealed for greater support from the international community to the countries and communities in the region receiving a growing number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela. With an estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans living abroad, more than 1.6 million have left the country since 2015, 90 per cent of them to countries within South America.

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Researchers found increased visa restrictions on migrants leads to a greater need for enforcement. Photograph: Alamy

Tight Visa Controls Encourage Illegal Immigration, Say Researchers

London (The Guardian) – The use of visa restrictions to control global migration is “counterproductive and ineffective”, pushing people who want to stay within the law towards illegal channels, research has suggested.

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A pragmatic, mutually beneficial vision is under threat. Here's why it must be saved. Photo: James Akena / Reuters

3 Reasons All Countries Should Embrace the Global Compact for Migration

By Anne Gallagher, President, International Catholic Migration Commission

World Economic Forum  – The Global Compact for Migration, which is expected to be adopted in December, is the first ever attempt to develop an internationally shared vision of what safe, orderly and regular migration might look like, and how it could be achieved. The Australian government has recently signalled the possibility that it may withdraw from the process – which would make it the third UN member state after the US and Hungary to do so. There is a risk that others may follow, jeopardizing a fragile, hard-won consensus at its most critical stage.

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Olaf: “I've built a life & a bridge for another generation. When I left I took nothing with me but a dream which became a vehicle to carry on.”

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IOM, the UN Migration Agency is organizing this event together with WaterLex, the University of Geneva, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Geneva Water Hub, UNHCR, and OHCHR.

This event will be livestreamed here


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  • AFP reported that ahead of the February 2019 presidential election, the Nigerian government and officials in Borno state – the epicentre of the Boko Haram extremist insurgency – are encouraging and facilitating the return of tens of thousands of people.
  • Ghana News Agency reported on the partnership between Côte d’Ivoire and Germany to fight irregular migration.
  • France 24 reported that since early August 2018, Moroccan authorities have forcibly moved migrants to the south of the country to keep them from crossing from Tangier to Spain.
  • The Times of Central Asia and Trend News Agency reported that IOM and OSCE are collaborating to assist Turkmenistan in setting up an Advanced Passenger Information system that would help tighten aviation security.

  • The Boston Globe reported that some Italians are opening their doors to migrants, defying the government’s tough line on migration.
  • Phys.org reported a team that includes researchers from Columbia University’s Earth Institute is developing a model that anticipates how people will move in the future.
  • Reuters reported that a growing number of migrants are finding jobs in Germany and their integration is going 'pretty well'.