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24 August 2018

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Aid agencies have only received a third of the USD 951 million needed to support nearly a million Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh through year end. Photo: IOM/Muse Mohammed

Rohingya Crisis: One Year On

Cox's Bazar (IOM)  – One year into a crisis that has seen over 700,000 refugees escape violence in Myanmar by fleeing into Bangladesh, the Rohingya once more stand on the verge of another disaster if more funding for the humanitarian response cannot be secured.

The immense efforts of the UN Migration Agency (IOM) and its partners to support the Government of Bangladesh in the humanitarian response since the influx began a year ago are evident across what has become the largest refugee settlement in the world.

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Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 65,185 in 2018; Deaths Reach 1,546

Geneva (IOM) – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 65,576 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2018 through 22 August, with 27,577 to Spain, the leading destination this year. This compares with 120,624 arrivals across the region through the same period last year, and 271,951 at this point in 2016.

Spain, with 42 per cent of all arrivals through the year, continues to receive seaborne migrants in August at a volume more than twice that of Greece and more than six times that of Italy. Italy’s arrivals through late August are the lowest recorded at this point of a normally busy summer season in almost five years.

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  • UN News, Xinhua, Al Jazeera, AFP and IPS reported that the heads of the UN refugee and migration agencies have called for greater international support to meet the most basic needs of Venezuelans pouring into neighbouring countries due to social and political upheaval at home.
  • Reuters reported that Italy has threatened to suspend EU funding unless other member states take in migrants currently being held on a coastguard ship in Sicily.
  • The New Arab reported that Spain had sent back to Morocco 116 migrants who had entered the Spanish territory of Ceuta.
  • CGTN reported that the International Committee of the Red Cross has called for swift measures to meet the humanitarian needs of nearly one million people who are displaced due to inter-communal violence in Ethiopia.
  • The Rio Times reported that Brazil will accelerate the process of relocating at least 1,000 Venezuelans to other states by end of September.
  • InfoMigrants reported on the plight of migrants from Mali and Cameroon: forced to cross the Algeria-Niger border on foot, despite searing desert conditions.
  • RFE/RL reports Bosnia is struggling with an influx of thousands of refugees and migrants entering the country as once-popular Balkan migration routes to Western Europe have shut down in the past year.
  • The Libya Observer reported that IOM, other UN agencies and local charities, had provided humanitarian assistance, including mattresses, blankets, and hygiene kits to 60 families expelled from Al-fallah displacement camp.
  • NPR reported that as Costa Rica strains to provide services to hundreds of Nicaraguans fleeing the conflict in their country, Costa Ricans are experiencing a sense of déjà-vu from the days of Nicaragua’s earlier conflicts.

  • IPS spoke to a 34-year-old Nigerian, who is finding life difficult in Italy, despite having a legal permit to reside in the country.
  • Deutsche Welle reported about the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, which has become an increasingly popular destination for migrants headed to Europe.