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24 September 2018

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Photo: Picture-Alliance/EuropaNewswire/L. Rampelotto

First Latin American Woman Head of UN General Assembly Calls for Multilateralism

(Deutsche Welle) - The former foreign minister of Ecuador, Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces, became the president of the UN General Assembly for its 73rd session at the start of September 2018. She will be in office for one year. Espinosa Garces is the first Latin American woman, and only the fourth woman overall, to hold this office.

As the assembly's new president, Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces will lead this week's annual general debate.

“Issues like migration and accommodating refugees will play an important role in this session, as will questions of gender equality and the subject of decent employment. I think that these are just some of the biggest challenges today’s societies are facing,” she told DW in an interview last weekend.

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Photo: Valerie Chiang

Daughter of Mexican Immigrants, Sister Norma Pimentel Fights for Migrants and Refugees in US

Rio Grande Valley (Elle) - They say that God works in mysterious ways, that you find him in the most unexpected places. He found Norma Pimentel in a Pizza Hut. It was the mid-1970s, and Pimentel was living at home with her parents after graduating from college. The daughter of two Mexican immigrants, she was born in Brownsville, a border city deep in the tip of Texas, and grew up in an era when travel between the two countries was easy and unremarkable.

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Wei: "Home is where I feel like I'm just another human being, not someone to be stared at or discriminated against."

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  • UAE’s The National reported that the United Nations General Assembly is expected to vote on the final draft of the Global Compact on Refugees this week, directed at improving the international community’s response to the highest level of displacement ever seen. The report referenced IOM.

  • In Depth News reprinted an op-ed by IOM’s Mariam Traore Chazalnoël on the significance of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in the field of environmental migration.

  • Think Progress reported on a UN General Assembly side event hosted by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies to discuss progressive migration issues in the lead-up to the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in December. 

  • ANSAmed cited IOM figures in reporting that 78,372 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea between the beginning of 2018 and September 20.

  • AFP reported that scores of would-be Moroccan migrants seek to cross the Mediterranean to flee ‘misery and injustice’ at home. 

  • Trade Arabia  and Albawaba reported that IOM and Turkish Airlines have signed an agreement for the promotion of safe, orderly and regular migration, with the cooperation focusing initially on IOM’s mobile application MigApp.

  • Dhaka Tribune reported that families living in the world's largest refugee camp have received 2,500 stoves and liquid petroleum gas LPG cylinders as part of a United Nations project aimed at protecting the environment and building the resilience of people living in Cox's Bazar. 

  • Iraq Daily Journal reported that the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office, UNFPA, and IOM have launched a demographic survey of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, one of the largest statistical exercises conducted in the region since 1987.

  • Nigeria’s Global Sentinel published an op-ed noting that human trafficking is a looming, non-traditional security threat in Southeast Asia, where natural disasters and military conflicts lead to displaced people and refugees who are particularly vulnerable to this heinous crime.

  • Xinhua reported that UNHCR and IOM have appointed Eduardo Stein as the Joint Special Representative for Venezuelan refugees and migrants in the region.

  • ABC News reported on a biennial art exhibition titled Manifesta 12 which highlights the human side of European migration.

  • Bloomberg reported that the U.S. may have twice the number of undocumented immigrants as commonly estimated, according to a new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University.

  • Coin Telegraph ran an op-ed on the use of decentralized ledger technology in migration policy, and how blockchain can help refugees and host nations.

  • Cyprus Mail reported that a boat with three dozen Syrian refugees on board sank off the coast of Lebanon on Saturday on its way to Cyprus. While most were rescued by the country’s army at least one child, aged 5, died, the Lebanese press and information office said.

  • Associated Press reported that on Saturday Spain's maritime rescue service saved over 440 migrants attempting the perilousMediterranean Sea crossing from North Africa.