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03 October 2018

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The ‘Non-Violence’ (or ‘Knotted Gun’) sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd on display at the UN Visitors’ Plaza. © UN Photo

International Day of Non-violence — How Can We Protect Migrants from Xenophobia?

(IOM) – Mobs chasing migrants through towns; migrant street vendors getting shot at by people passing by on scooters; and migrant-owned shops being attacked on a regular basis. These are just a few samples of the incidents against migrant communities reported around the world.

Yesterday (2 October) we celebrated the International Day of Non-violence; today we would like draw attention to the issue of xenophobic violence.

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A boat overloaded with migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean, about to be rescued by the Italian Coast Guard in 2014. Photo: IOM/Francesco Malavolta

People Leave Footprints: Millions More Unauthorized Immigrants Cannot Be ‘Hidden’ in Data Estimates

(Migration Policy Institute) – Amid the current roiling political debate in the United States around immigration, and particularly irregular immigration, there is little doubt that a recent academic article in PLOS One contending the unauthorized immigrant population is millions larger than has long been estimated will attract widespread attention.

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Ahmed: "Together with my wife, we will start again our lives in Iraq. I hope I will be able to visit Greece again but next time, as a tourist!"

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  • UN News reported that the full scale of the destruction caused by a deadly earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia has yet to unfold, as UN agencies begin entering the worst-hit areas.
  • The Objective (Sp) reported on the debates around the migration policies of the EU’s ‘Visegrad Four’ bloc of countries.
  • ANSA reported on a website recently launched by IOM to improve the participation and inclusion of displaced women in the management of camps.
  • Reuters reported on a shipwreck in the western Mediterranean in which 34 migrants drowned and 26 survived.
  • IISD reported on the Road to Marrakech event, held during the 73rd UN General Assembly to mobilize UN Member States to adopt the Global Compact on Migration in December, and establish a new Migration Network.
  • Xinhua reported on the increasing domestic protests against Italy’s stance on irregular migrant arrivals in the country.
  • SPA reported that Saudi Arabia was among the largest donors of humanitarian aid in the world, providing USD 1.03 billion in the past eight years.
  • France 24 reported on a group of Nigerian migrants released from a Libyan detention centre after a video of them appealing for help went viral.


  • The Washington Post reported that days after an earthquake and  tsunami struck Indonesia, authorities are only now beginning assess the scale of the disaster, including how many have died.
  • AFP reported that five years after the worst migrant shipwreck in its history, Lampedusa is hoping for a fresh start for its tourism industry.
  • South China Morning Post reported on a new film that is shedding light on a less well-known side of Singapore – the precarious existence of its migrant workers.
  • IFRC featured the story of Pocky, a little poodle that travelled by bus for four days from Venezuela to Peru to reunite with his owner who is getting a kidney transplant in Lima.