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25 October 2018

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Entrepreneurship Offers Key to Inclusion for Migrants and Refugees

Geneva (UNCTAD) – A new policy guide for host countries, development and humanitarian partners to help build economic opportunities for migrants and refugees was launched at the World Investment Forum in Geneva, Switzerland on 24 October.

Entrepreneurship has the power to create a win-win situation for host countries and the migrants and refugees who move to them, say UNCTAD, UNHCR and IOM — the three UN bodies partnering on the new policy guide.

The guide offers practical guidance to host countries, development and humanitarian partners on how to best ensure that refugees and migrants use their skills and abilities to build their livelihoods while contributing to host communities and economies.

“The creation of economic opportunities for all, with the purpose of leaving no one behind, is a priority of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General Isabelle Durant said. “One mechanism to achieve this is through the promotion of entrepreneurship.”

Download the full report here.

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Engaging with migrant communities in South Sudan to make the video "All we want is peace." Photo: Amanda Nero/IOM

Protecting the Human Rights of Migrants

Geneva – Seventy years have passed since the General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, aspiring to protect, respect and fulfil the human rights of all people around the world. Although much improvement has taken place since then to advance the human rights situation of individuals, migrants are still one of the groups that continue to face significant challenges when trying to access their human rights.

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One Every Second

Dhaka – Climate-related displacement disproportionately affects women and girls, because it exacerbates already existing inequalities in society and, in so doing, renders them even more vulnerable to trafficking, violence, and sexual exploitation than usual. As a result, many of them are forced into sex work as the only way to feed themselves and their children.

This film explores climate-related displacement and sheds light on the suffering inflicted on women and girls in this context. The filmmakers not only travelled to Bangladesh to tell the story of Pakhi, 18, who migrated to the capital after her family's house was washed away by floods and was pushed into prostitution at age 14, but they also interviewed experts in London, Geneva, Stockholm and Dhaka to put her story in a wider context.

Watch here and read the accompanying article here.


Junior: "It was 4am on the day the smugglers loaded 300 people onto the boat. Many fell into the water - the smugglers called it a sacrifice."

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  • Xinhua reported that IOM and UNHCR are deploying additional staff to Mexico, to assist local authorities tending to the needs of migrants and asylum seekers on their trek from Central America to the United States. 
  • AP reported that poverty and gangs help drive migration in Honduras. 
  • France 24 reported that it received a series of videos, filmed between late September and early October 2018, showing sub-Saharan African migrants detained under inhumane conditions in a police station in Tangier, Morocco. 
  • Insight Crime reported that three separate human trafficking networks networks targeting Venezuelans were dismantled in less than a week in Colombia.
  • Cyprus Mail  reported on the reunification of a Somali mother and her six-year-old daughter in Cyprus, after a three-year separation.
  • Saudi Press Agency reported that the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) will provide USD 2 million for an IOM programme, which will facilitate the safe movement and sustainable reintegration of Somali returnees from Yemen.
  • Catholic Radio Network and Juba Monitor reported that IOM registered 32,113 internally displaced persons in two camps in Juba, during a recently concluded biometric registration.
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that a landmark global agreement to map and count the victims of forced labour will revolutionize efforts to free millions of people around the world from modern slavery. 
  • Humanitarian Practice Network reported on strategies for engaging with affected and host populations during crises, based on lessons learned from the Rohingya response.
  • OneWorld.org reported on new research which documents the trafficking of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar through Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Malaysia.
  • Manila Bulletin reported that due to the increasing demand for Filipino workers in Poland, the Philippine Embassy in Warsaw has held several information sessions informing the Filipino community of their rights and obligations in the central European country.
  • Greek Reporter highlighted a photographic exhibition organized by IOM titled Light on the Move, that will be presented at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens between October 26-31.

  • Quartz reported that climate change may force 200,000 people in Bangladesh to migrate, according to a recent study.