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09 November 2018

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Colombia hosts the highest number of migrants and refugees from Venezuela. Photo: IOM

Number of Refugees, Migrants from Venezuela Reaches 3 Million

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency announced yesterday (08/11) that the number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela worldwide has now reached three million.

According to data from national immigration authorities and other sources, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean host an estimated 2.4 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela, while other regions account for the rest.

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Nigerian returnees boarding a plane to Lagos from southern Libya. Photo: IOM/Moayad Zaghdani

Suspended for Two Years, IOM Resumes Voluntary Humanitarian Return Flights from Southern Libya

Libya – The UN Migration Agency, IOM, resumed its Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) Programme in Libya’s southern city of Sebha yesterday (08/11). VHR provides support to stranded migrants wishing to return to their home countries. In recent months, IOM has been expanding its outreach in the south through multiple field missions to make VHR operations possible.

The charter, which landed in Lagos, Nigeria, came after IOM’s outreach activities with local authorities and Nigerian communities in the south. In close coordination with the Nigerian Embassy in Tripoli, the Organization facilitated the provision of online consular support which enabled the embassy to conduct consular authentication and issue travel documents.

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The new EU funding will allow IOM and partners to assist migrants and authorities and relieve the pressure on local communities. Photo: IOM

EU’s Multi-Million Euro Support for IOM, Partners Helps Thousands of Stranded Migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo – With elevated numbers of migrants and refugees entering Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2017, the European Union has just allocated more than EUR 7.2 million in grants to support the work of the UN Migration Agency, IOM, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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  • Reuters, AFP, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Xinhua and IPS all reported that three million Venezuelans have fled economic and political crisis in their homeland, most since 2015.
  • VOA reported that Central American migrants resting in Mexico City debated which route they should take north and what options are available to them in Mexico and the United States ahead of a vote on what their caravan's next step should be.
  • AP reported that Central American migrants, in a caravan that has stopped in Mexico City, asked for buses to take them to the US border, saying it is too cold and dangerous to continue walking and hitchhiking.
  • ANSA reported that migrant arrivals to Europe have already surpassed 100,000, in 2018, citing IOM figures.
  • Modern Diplomacy reported that despite challenges, Venezuelan migration into Colombia can boost its growth, citing a report by the World Bank and the Colombian Government.
  • ANSA reported that the border agencies of eight countries in the East and Horn of Africa have committed to the establishment of ‘inter-agency cross-border technical working groups’ to facilitate the management of migrant flows.
  • FENA (paywall) and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ABC reported that IOM will co-finance public lighting costs in Bihać for the next three months to support the city as more migrants arrive.
  • Devex reported on the UN World Data Forum in Dubai and the use of data to support the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on gender.

  • The National highlighted People on the Move, a UN exhibition that vividly illustrates displacement around the world.
  • Georgia Health News ran a series of articles on foreign born physicians practicing in Georgia, USA: the first featured Indian doctors; the second discussed barriers that immigrant doctors face to practice there; and the last focused on migrant doctors helping immigrants.
  • Westword reported on Conflict Kitchen, a new dinner series at the University of Denver that showcases the university's commitment to helping refugees gain job skills and assimilate into life in a new city.