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15 November 2018

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What Can Data Tell Us about Mexico-US Migration?

(IOM GMDAC) – Douglas Massey, Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, shares his views on data and migration between the US and Mexico. This interview took place during first International Forum on Migration Statistics, organized by OECD, IOM and UN DESA between 15-16 January 2018.

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(Arte TV) – Bordered by Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, Lake Chad, Africa's fourth largest freshwater reserve, has lost 90 per cent of its surface area in forty years. Sometimes the monsoon weakens to such an extent that the lake doesn’t extend across the borders, depriving some states of access to water.

Many local residents have left the region due to rising temperatures, which make life on the ground almost impossible. While migration as a strategy for adapting to a changed environment has always existed, the number of people forced to flee climate change has increased dramatically since the 1990s.

IOM experts on migration and climate change, together with other international and local specialists, discuss these issues in Les Damnés du Climat/ Klimafluch & Klimaflucht – an ARTE documentary to be broadcast on 20 November.

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Yui: "I never feel lonely in Jordan. Friendship means a lot here."

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  • AFP reported that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini met dozens of African migrants, recently evacuated from Libya by the UN, and reassured them that Italy is “a welcoming, generous and supportive country.”
  • Dominica News Online reported that 80 families in Dominica, who lost their homes to Hurricane Maria last year, will receive new homes funded by the Australian Government.
  • Daily Asian Age reported that IOM is partnering with Bangladesh's largest online job portal Bdjobs.com Ltd. to provide the latest information to job seekers on overseas employment opportunities and connect them directly with employers.
  • Nigeria’s Punch reported that the Federal Government is advising Nigerians planning to migrate to get accurate information about their destination countries at the newly established Migrant Resource Centres.
  • VN Express reported that with average monthly earnings of USD 1,200, Japan and South Korea have become the most attractive labour markets for Vietnamese workers.
  • Ozy reported that radio host Mustapha Sallah warns his fellow Gambians about the dangers of irregular migration through his call-in radio show, as he himself had harrowing experiences and was one of thousands of Gambians flown back from Libya.

  • The Irish Times reported on the growing desperation among refugees and migrants returned to Libya. The report mentioned 28-year-old Abdulaziz, who took his own life three weeks ago after telling friends he had lost hope of being evacuated from a detention centre.
  • The Conversation reported that as a growing number of artists and journalists are using graphic stories to share real-life experiences of migration. Recently, the House of Illustration in London has opened a new exhibition, Journeys Drawn: Illustrations from the Refugee Crisis.
  • The Hindu reported on a new exhibition at the Indian Museum by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, focusing on the history of migration.