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27 November 2018

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IOM welcomed 102 Ethiopian returnees to the Addis Ababa International Airport yesterday, the first of a four-day Voluntary Humanitarian Return operation from Yemen. Photo: IOM/Eman Awami

IOM Facilitates Return of 418 Migrants Stranded in Yemen in First Evacuation Flight in More than Three Years

Sana’a / Addis Ababa – The UN Migration Agency (IOM) this week (26-29 November) began assisting 418 Ethiopian migrants stranded in Yemen to safely return under IOM’s Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) operation. This is IOM’s first airlift since shortly after the conflict broke out in 2015 and the largest VHR operation carried out by IOM in Yemen to date.

WATCH IOM Reporter: John McCue, IOM Yemen Deputy Chief of Mission

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Displaced Iraqis in Qayarrah and Jeddah camps are struggling to remove water from their tents following heavy rains and flooding in Ninewa governorate and other areas of Iraq. Photo: IOM/Raber Y. Aziz

IOM Responds to Flooding in Iraq

Erbil – Large-scale flooding beginning on the morning of Friday (23/11) has wreaked havoc across Iraq, killing several people and causing widespread damage to homes, infrastructure and agriculture, and worsening the living conditions of internally displaced persons (IDPs).  

WATCH IOM Reporter at Qayarrah camp, Ninewa governorate, Iraq.

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Labour migrants arrive in Moscow by train from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Photo: IOM/Elyor Nematov

IOM Director General Welcomes Uzbekistan as 173rd Member State

Geneva – The 109th Session of the UN Migration Agency’s Council, which opened today in Geneva, has voted to support the application of the Republic of Uzbekistan to join IOM as a Member State, bringing the total membership to 173.

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  • Al Jazeera explained what happens to the bodies of migrants and refugees who die in the Mediterranean.

  • IRIN News and WPLG Local 10 reported that Venezuela will receive UN emergency aid for the first time. IOM will attend to Venezuelans in border communities.

  • UNDP reported that more than a third of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, which has a dramatic impact on health. In South Sudan, UNDP partnered with IOM and others to address gender-based violence as part of mental health and psychosocial support programmes.

  • The National reported that Papua New Guinea has formed a joint interagency team to be on standby for natural disasters and emergencies.

  • Anadolu Agency reported that Yemen assisted over 100 Ethiopian migrants seeking to go home.

  • Alexandria Living Magazine featured the documentary Why They Left, which explores early Scottish migration to the United States.

  • Newsweek published an op-ed by award-winning photographer Spencer Pratt, in which he shared his experience covering the journeys of Central Americans who fled their homes in mid-October.

  • Duke Global Health Institute reported that students from its Issues in Global Displacement class produced a series of videos to assist newly resettled refugees in situations they may find linguistically or culturally challenging, such as filling a prescription or talking to their children's teachers.