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04 December 2018

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Madina, an Ethiopian migrant, is one of the hundreds of thousands who travel within the Horn of Africa and the Gulf regions every year to find better opportunities. Photo: IOM/Muse Mohammed

IOM Raises Protection Concerns as 2018 Migrant Arrivals to Yemen Approach 150,000

Geneva/Djibouti City – The International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) forecasts a 50 per cent year-on-year rise over 2017 in migrant arrivals to Yemen – with nearly 150,000 migrants expected to enter the country in 2018. This, despite the ongoing conflict in Yemen and deadly perils along migration routes across the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.

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Volunteers help to clean up the longest sea beach in the world in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – an event sponsored by IOM. Photo: IOM/Fiona MacGregor

Bangladesh’s ‘Longest Beach in the World’ Gets Winter Clean

Cox’s Bazar – The ‘world’s longest beach’ got a winter clean this weekend, when hundreds of UN staff, local volunteers and district authority representatives took to the sands in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to pick up rubbish, in an event sponsored by IOM.

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IOM supports disability-inclusive development of Ukrainian communities. Pictured: participants of a conference organized in June 2018. Photo: IOM

IOM Ukraine Showcases Its Support for People with Disabilities

Kyiv – IOM Ukraine has been supporting the Weekend of Unlimited Opportunities, an initiative of the United Nations and local activists, which draws attention to the rights of over 2.6 million people with disabilities residing in the country. About 240,000 of the most vulnerable among them face daily challenges in basic tasks like getting out of their flats, accessing public transport, visiting a shop, a bank branch or even a social institution which does not have a ramp.

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Chi-Wei: "I hope the political climate is not turning further right-wing and anti-immigrants."

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“By telling my story and the story of several other women who suffered these same tragedies, I am becoming more resilient to the pain I have suffered.”

Martha Internally displaced from Putumayo to Nariño, Colombia 

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  • Euronews interviewed IOM’s Peter Van der Auweraert in Sarajevo about the increasing numbers of migrants entering Bosnia and Herzegovina this year.

  • Al Jazeera reported on new research showing that a third of female migrants residing in Morocco were abused on their way there.

  • Devex spoke with IOM’s Director of Human Resources Michael Emery to discuss the ways in which HR has evolved over the years, how digitalization is changing the way it’s done and why organizations should embrace the change.

  • The Pan American Health Organization Secretariat and Ministers of Health from the Americas have identified a series of actions that will improve the response of health systems to mass migration in the region.

  • Ekathimerini reported that IOM has offered shelter and tailored services to more than 1,100 unaccompanied minors in Greece since the beginning of 2018.

  • The Slovak Spectator reported that three films will be screened at this year’s Global Migration Film Festival in Bratislava: Bushfallers – A Journey of Chasing Dreams, Abu Adnan and Invisibles.

  • BK Magazine reported that IOM’s annual Global Migration Film Festival is back for its third year in Thailand, celebrating filmmakers – many of them immigrants – whose movies explore a world on the move.

  • The Voice reported that senior Gambian government officials from various ministries are attending three-day IOM migration training.

  • The Manila Bulletin reported that Filipino migration positively affects the education of family members left behind, according to UNESCO’s 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report.

  • ABC reported that while the rest of Australia considers a policy to limit population growth in the main cities, the city of Darwin is doing the opposite. A fledging economy and dwindling population has seen the Northern Territory's Labour government offering up to $15,000 to people who move there.

  • Edmonton City News reported on the Edge Career Programme, which provides the training and skills that immigrants, refugees and those in low-income employment need to access better paying jobs.