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07 December 2018

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Some of the vulnerable migrants and refugees being transferred from the north-eastern Aegean islands to hotels on the Greek mainland. Photo: IOM

IOM Provides Urgent Accommodation for Over 2,500 Vulnerable Migrants, Refugees Transferred from Greek Islands

Athens – IOM (UN Migration) is providing temporary shelter and protection services to 2,518 vulnerable migrants and refugees who were transferred from the North-eastern Aegean islands to hotels on the Greek mainland.

Between 29 October and 3 December, an EU-backed action allowed IOM to provide safe accommodation and tailored services to the asylum seekers – including 1,086 women and 818 children – transferred to the mainland from unsuitable conditions on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Kos and Leros. Under the government’s island decongestion plan priority is given to the transportation and accommodation of families with underage children, pregnant women, single parents and individuals with physical and mental trauma.

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Mohammed Abdiker, IOM Director of Operations and Emergencies, led discussions at the conference on Wednesday (05/12). Photo: IOM/Angela Wells

Horn of Africa, Gulf Countries Affirm Dignity, Human Rights of Migrants at Conference in Djibouti

Djibouti City – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) co-hosted a conference of seven nations in Djibouti this week to strengthen the humanitarian response to migrants in the Horn of Africa, Yemen and Gulf countries on the eve of UN-sponsored peace talks between warring factions in Yemen.

The Drawing on Peace Dividends in the Horn of Africa to Ensure Urgent Enhancements in the Management of Migratory Flows to Yemen and the Gulf Countries conference was organized Wednesday in partnership with the Government of Djibouti and the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre.

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Refugees Isaiah Bahati and Jean-Pierre Ntegyeye are featured in the film One Way Ticket. In this scene, the two reunite for the first time since arriving in the U.S. from a Ugandan refugee camp.

Curtains Open Around the World for Week One of the Global Migration Film Festival

Geneva – The first week of IOM’s Global Migration Film Festival (GMFF) underlined its international appeal.

Screenings of the 42 selected migration-themed films (from over 784 submissions) were held across the globe, from the Dominican Republic to Rwanda, from Romania to Indonesia.

By the time the festival wraps up with a gala event in Cairo on International Migrants Day, on 18 December, at least 424 screenings will have been held in nearly 150 cities.

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“The crib is 23+ years old now. My two elder daughters grew up in it. My best memories are related with this crib.”

Tetiana and Volodymyr Ziangirov Internally displaced from Donetsk to Myrnohrad, Ukraine.

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Rama: “I want to learn everything! Writing, reading, drawing, everything!”

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  • The Guardian, BBC and Thomson Reuters reported that Aquarius, a search and rescue ship which has saved tens of thousands of migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean, has ended its operations, according to Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

  • ANSA reported that IOM has called on Greece to set up more shelters and reception facilities for unaccompanied minor migrants and refugees, as winter sets in across the country.  

  • UrduPoint News/Sputnik reported that 20 human rights and refugee protection groups urged Greek authorities and other European countries to transfer thousands of migrants from camps on five Greek islands in the Aegean Sea to the mainland, while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.

  • Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that 26 irregular migrants, including five minors, were intercepted by authorities as they tried to slip into the Balearics by boat. The adults will be sent to holding camps on mainland Spain while the minors will be handed over to social services.

  • NPR looked at a new report by the University College London and The Lancet medical journal which offers a thorough – and often surprising – look at the medical and economic impacts of immigration.

  • Reuters reported that the Yemen migrant route has grown 50 per cent, surpassing the Mediterranean 

  • News Deeply ran an op-ed by Eurasylum director Solon Ardittis  which noted that the forthcoming adoption of the United Nations’ global migration compact has sparked turmoil, particularly among members of the European Union, but the compact itself refutes much of the criticism.

  • Associated Press reported that at least 4,000 migrants have died or gone missing on their way to theUnited States in the last four years.

  • The Star Online explored the online game Razor Wire, developed by a Slovenian human rights group to raise awareness of the hardship and despair migrants face and help advance its campaign to dismantle a wire fence on the Slovenian-Croatian border.  

  • Reuters reported that the United Nations is seeking USD 738 million in 2019 to help neighbouring countries cope with the inflow of millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants, who have “no prospect for return in the short to medium term”.