5+5 Dialogue on Migration in the Western Mediterranean

Established 2002


The Western Mediterranean Forum or  5+5 Dialogue was officially launched in Rome in 1990 as an informal sub-regional forum of like-minded countries, geographically situated on the western rim of the Euro-Mediterranean littoral.  The Western Mediterranean Forum includes parliamentary reunions (Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean) and sectoral reunions, with one of the most notable activities being Migration (5+5 Dialogue on Migration in the Western Mediterranean, since 2002). 

The 5+5 Dialogue on Migration in the Western Mediterranean has a forward-looking agenda on information exchange, joint management of international borders, agreed forms of labour migration, migration for development, and protection of the rights of migrants.

Current Focus

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  • migration trends, information and data exchange,
  • movement of people and regular migration flow management, 
  • irregular migration and trafficking in human beings, 
  • transit migration, 
  • labour migration and vocational training, 
  • migrants’ rights and obligations, 
  • integration, 
  • migration and development, the role of diasporas, 
  • migration and health, 
  • gender equality in the context of migration, 
  • public awareness campaigns on migration, 
  • cooperation on migration issues.
10 Members

Current Chair: Morocco (2016)
Incoming Chair: France (2017)

Observer Organizations


No official secretariat. In the past, IOM has provided technical and logistical support upon request.
The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean facilitates the regional cooperation projects identified within the framework of the Western Mediterranean Forum.

Website: http://westmediterraneanforum.org

Recent Meetings:

  • Expert-level preparatory Meeting for the 8th Ministerial Conference on Migration in the Western Mediterranean”, 13 June 2016, Rabat, Morocco

Previous Meetings:

Principal Documents

Malta Declaration, 2012
Tunis Declaration, October 2002