Private Sector

While the management of cross-border population flows is an intrinsic feature of state sovereignty, many aspects of migration are also of interest to other stakeholders. The multidimensional nature of migration makes the involvement of the private sector an essential component of a coherent and comprehensive approach. In this sense, the private sector has a significant and valuable role to play in realizing the positive benefits of migration and in minimizing its costs.

In emergencies and post-crisis scenarios, the private sector becomes an important partner contributing to relief assistance in a timely manner, mainstreaming joint operations, whilst contributing to the transition period from relief to development by ensuring business continuity. IOM partnerships with private sector actors focus on areas and subjects of mutual interest and shared values with full respect for each other’s resources, expertise, knowledge, and skills. Agreed goals, and processes for monitoring, evaluating and publicizing partnerships are important elements of such partnerships.

The IOM Advisory Board promotes an active and effective partnership with the private sector to help plan, develop and implement better mobility policies and practices.