Migration & Economic/Community Development

There are three types of activities under this category.

The first type of activity aims at harnessing the positive potential migration can have for the development of countries of origin and destination. Initiatives focus on building the capacity of governments and other stakeholders in countries of origin to communicate with and engage their expatriate communities in initiatives related to home country development, and on contributing to the increase of more development-oriented migration policies.

The second type of activity contributes to addressing root causes of economically motivated migration, by enhancing the ability of governments and other key actors to focus development actions more strategically on home country migration dynamics. Projects focus on expanding economic opportunities and improving social services and community infrastructure in specific geographic areas prone to economically induced outward migration, or in need of development to absorb and sustain the return of migrants to that region.

The third type of activity relates to remittances - the funds migrants send home. Remittances, being foremost private transfers, also offer enhanced and wider development possibilities for families, communities and countries. Activities in the remittance area aim to facilitate the development of policies and mechanisms that improve remittance services to migrants and enhance the development impact of remittances. In doing so, IOM's current focus is on data collection, policy dialogue and dissemination of good practices, and pilot project implementation.