Celebrating the work of humanitarians around the world

Date Publish: 
19 Aug 2014

World Humanitarian Day is the day on which we honour humanitarian workers who have lost their lives, and those that continue to risk them every day in order to provide aid to people in need. But the day is also now established as a global celebration of the spirit of humanity.  

August 19th marks the day in 2003 when 22 people died in the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

In 2014, we want to continue the celebration of humanitarian action under the theme: #theworldneedsmore #HumanitarianHeroes

This year’s campaign will showcase the amazing work of humanitarian heroes. It will tell their stories of life on the frontline in some of the world’s worst and often forgotten humanitarian crises. By telling the stories of aid workers – of people who are dedicated to protecting and supporting those who have had their lives torn apart by conflicts and natural disasters – we want to foster a spirit of solidarity.