Fighting child trafficking in Cambodia

Cambodia, Asia
Date Publish: 
29 May 2009

Nine-year-old Rotha showed clear signs of depression. He was not able to attend school. as he did not have school uniform or books. He had to work to take care of his mother and three younger siblings. The family lived in estreme poverty in a borrowed rundown shack.

Many children like Totha easily fall prey to traffickers, especially in the western districts of Battambang province in Cambodia, where unemployment and poverty are high. Through school and community-based activities IOM Cambodia identifies these vulnerable children, and provides them and their families with psychosocial support to increase school attendance and reduce vulnerability to trafficking. Other members of the community are also informed of the dangers and consequences of trafficking.

Today, Rotha regularly attends school. IOM provided him with a school uniform, books and counseling. Through a child protection network, his family received a plot a land on which they built a house using USD 200 from the project's emergency fund. One NGO provided the mother with agricultural skills training so she could grow food on their new plot of land.

Donors: Government of Canada
Partners: Government of Combodia, NGOs