Indonesia Volunteerism - Haircuts for Street Kids

Date Publish: 
14 Sep 2017

Refugees from five nations living in Medan, Indonesia with IOM’s assistance provided 20 street children and dozens of local residents a special “spa day” treatment prior to the Idul Adha holiday weekend.

Fourteen young Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian, Palestinian and Sudanese men who graduated from a three-month hair stylist vocational training program organized by IOM have been volunteering their talents at orphanages and other facilities since mid-2017. They have been living in Indonesia for up to four years awaiting resettlement overseas.

Each of the street children, all under the age of 12, received a free hair wash and cut, styling, gel and head massage. They live in the same community as the refugees and receive basic support from volunteers at a local non-profit foundation. More than two dozen youngsters from the area were also tidied up for the holiday.