Relief around the clock

Iraq, Africa and Middle East
Date Publish: 
08 Jul 2014

From June 15 to 19, IOM has served nearly 7,000 people fleeing the recent violence in Mosul and the surrounding governorates. Working around the clock, the Organization provided much needed assistance together with local authorities and the UN Country Team. Distributed were 1,160 IOM non-food item (NFI) emergency packages, 820 food packages and 820 hygiene kits provided by WFP and UNICEF respectively to vulnerable families in six communities throughout Ninewa, Dohuk, and Erbil, serving an estimated 6,960 people (using 6 as the average family size in Iraq). IOM remains among the fastest responders to the Mosul crisis through swift action and dedicated staff working overtime.

On June 18th at 7:30 pm, IOM received a request from the Erbil Governor’s Office to provide emergency relief to newly arrived IDP families in Bahirka. Within three hours, IOM staff had loaded trucks and driven to the distribution site, and by 10:30 pm, IOM staff had distributed 40 IOM NFI emergency packages, providing essential support to an estimated 240 people displaced from Salah Al-Din.

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