Responding to the Severe Drought in the Marshall Islands

Asia, Marshall Islands
Date Publish: 
23 Jul 2013

The response to a severe drought in the Marshall Islands is entering its second phase, as initial deliveries of emergency food supplies, principally funded by USAID. IOM’s rapidly-established air and sea bridges have delivered an estimated 45 metric tons (100,000 pounds) of food to 677 households on islands over 400 miles (640 km) from Majuro, one of the farthest-flung capitals on the planet.

USAID has also paid for transport costs, alongside the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which financed water and sanitation assessments in the early stages of the operation. The shipments consisted of rice, flour, oil, tinned tuna, milk powder, canned fruit and vegetables, sugar, baking powder and high-protein biscuits. In addition to US-funded food, donations have come from local benefactors, the Marshall Islands Government, and the Government of Japan.