Under a Changing Sky

Bangladesh is at extreme risk from the negative effects of climate change.


Building a Brighter Future

The reality of climate change in Rwanda. 


Call of the Wild

There are over 1.5 million internally displaced persons registered in Ukraine.


Living with Risk

Building community resilience Papua New Guinea


Africa on the Move

A Record number of people are on the move today, many of whom are women and children.


When Mines Fuel Conflict

The illegal trade of minerals fuels conflict


A Tale of Two Migrants

Every year, thousands of people leave their homes to attempt the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea.


Born into Drought

In November 2016, rains failed for the third year in a row; forcing Somalia into a devastating drought.


Finding Shelter Together

South Sudanese refugees' shelter building in Ethiopia.


Syrian Sweets

Iraq's Female-Run Sweet Factory


Not Lost and Not Forgotten

Syrian children are fighting for their future with education


Every Breath You Take

On World TB Day we look at why detecting and curing Tuberculosis is an essential part of well managed migration.



Feedback and the Art of Active Listening

Stay safe to Return safe

At a camp for displaced people in northern Iraq, residents drew attention to safety hazards through varied communications channels they had at their disposal. Their comments and concerns spawned an IOM safety awareness campaign and other measures aimed at improving safety and saving lives.

Washing away Taboos

In 2016, the Marshall Islands suffered one of its worst-ever droughts— devastating communities and livelihoods across the Pacific Island nation. It was only when IOM and partners organized traditional women-only social gatherings did they learn of the drought’s impact on women’s health and hygiene and design a culturally-appropriate response.

Training from the Heart

In an effort to make host communities more aware of the needs of vulnerable migrant populations in Tanzania, IOM conducts workshops for community members. But feedback from participants showed that key messages were not being absorbed and skills were not being applied. IOM decided to change the approach by changing the messenger.

Preparing for a new life

Adapting to a new culture and country can be very difficult, but in Portugal, IOM resettlement staff were particularly concerned about the high level of confusion and fear that resettled refugees were experiencing after arrival. Through interviews and focus group discussions, they learned that the pre-departure orientations they had organized were not painting a realistic picture of life in Portugal for newly arrived refugees, and sought to fix that.

Comfort comes with Communication

Survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) are all too often reluctant to talk about their experiences and find help. In Bangladesh, IOM is reaching out to vulnerable communities at displacement sites, and ensuring that trained and trusted female counselors are available for women who are ready to seek assistance.

Tailoring Reintegration

Regardless of how long they have been away, migrants returning home often face various challenges in rebuilding their lives, particularly those who have been victims of trafficking, have medical concerns or are single parents with limited resources. Based on participant feedback, IOM Hungary has adapted its reintegration programme to address the unique needs of vulnerable returnees.