Guesting on Azerbaijan's 'This Week in Focus' Trend's web-tv program, IOM Director General William Lacy Swing says that he has never seen such a complex situation as the world currently is going through. 


The International Organization for Migration says more people could die because of "indecision" by European leaders. It also says that the new border controls introduced by Hungary "look like" a contravention of the obligations under United Nations and European Union rules on refugees and asylum. Newsday speaks to IOM spokesman Leonard Doyle.


Eugenio Ambrosi, regional director, IOM, discusses the latest developments in the migrant crisis with CNN.


Kristina Mejo, IOM Burundi;’s Chief of MIssion, shares how timely and accurate information can help better address the needs of Burundian refugees.


CNN's Michael Holmes speaks to Leonard Doyle from the International Organization for Migration about potential unintended consequences of setting migrant quotas.


Straight Talk Africa discussed the migrant crisis and European Union’s latest plans to address it. They spoke with IOM’s Itayi Viriri who said that leadership in Africa is needed so people are not desperate to leave their countries.


Emma Alberici speaks with Leonard Doyle on how the asylum seeker crisis in Europe can be handled by the international community.


Eugenio Ambrosi, International Organization for Migration, discusses the ongoing migrant crisis.


IOM´s Joel Millman discussed in a public radio interview with Ian Masters, Background Briefing, the intense migration to Europe. Hundreds of migrants remain trapped at the main train station in Budapest unable to board trains for Germany, where they endure abuse from Neo-Nazis belonging to Hungary’s Jobbik Party.


IOM´s  Frank Laczko gives an  interview about smuggling and social media to the German TV ARD.