Eugenio Ambrosi, International Organization for Migration, discusses the European migrant crisis with CNN.


CNN's Arwa Damon reports on the plight of migrants stranded in Budapest. While CNN's Lynda Kinkade interviews Joel Millman, International Organisation for Migration, Geneva Switzerland.


The migrants and refugees streaming into Europe aren't traveling on their own. Leonard Doyle, spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, explains who the smugglers are and how their networks get migrants into Europe.


CBC News’ World at Six had a brief segment about the refugee crisis: Segment begins at 20:00. IOM’s Dipti Pardeshi was interviewed and said that European countries must do more to process the newcomers and globally countries including Canada should take in more refugees. (Dipti's radio interview begins at 22:15-22:30)


IOM's Joel Millman guests on Al Jazeera's Inside Story, which looks at the Greek islands struggling to cope with large numbers of migrants.


Irregular migrants returning to Haiti from the Dominican Republic are receiving support from UN agencies and partner organizations such as IOM, UN Radio reported. They spoke with IOM’s Grégoire Goodstein.


In a recent interview with Jordan Times, IOM’s Jordan Davide Terzi  talked about Syrian refugees that are legally barred from working in Jordan, but some are managing to find jobs while others are going back to the camps due to high living expenses, and a good number are reportedly returning to Syria.


Eugenio Ambrosi talked to CNN International’s Hala Gorani and Robyn Curnow about the situation in the Mediterranean.


Flavio Di Giacomo from the International Organisation for Migration in Italy tells us how rescue attempts in the Med often turn to disaster as desperate migrants rush to get on board ships that arrive to help them. Hopes are fading for 200 missing after a boat capsized off the Libyan coast. Hundreds of people have been rescued but at least 25 bodies have been found.


Lack of education and employment opportunities are some of the main causes of human trafficking, explains Carolina López Laverde from IOM Colombia in an interview (in Spanish) with NTN24. López also explains IOM’ s current efforts to prevent this crime.