Crowdfunding website 6, recently launched by IOM together with Microsoft, was mentioned in Vice News, which interviewed IOM's Mike Nedelko on how plans to change the lives of many human-trafficking victims.


Why are millions of youngsters left behind by parents in poverty seeking work in the cities? Richelle Carey of Al Jazeera's Inside Story talks to IOM's Joe Lowry.


IOM’s Craig Murphy gave an interview to German’s Deutsche Welle TV about Somali refugees in Nairobi.


Radio France International interviewed IOM’s Daniel Silva on IOM’s actions in Madagascar against trafficking. Silva highlighted the situation of Madagascar’s exploited migrants, especially women, in the Middle East.


The more than 230 million international migrants also contribute a lot to the global economy and to the societies they live in. Laura Thompson, Deputy Director General of the International Organization of Migration (IOM) tells World in Progress why it's impossible to stop illegal migration without stepping up legal channels for international work migration.


France 24 (English edition) published a video on Ghanaians dreaming “of a better life in Europe” and interviewed IOM’s Sylvia Lopez-Ekra talking about the prevention and information made to warn potential migrants on the dangers of irregular migration (from 3min25 in the video).


CNN Live interviewed IOM’s Leonard Doyle on Australia and allegations that it paid smugglers to turn back boats of migrants.


International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the world’s leading intergovernmental body in the field of migration, with 157 member states, a staff of more than 8,400 and offices in over 150 countries. Working closely with governmental and non-governmental partners, IOM coordinates efforts to meet the growing challenges of migration management, advance understanding of migration issues, promote economic and social development through migration, and uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants.


ABC Australia reported about the Rohingya migrant crisis and cited IOM saying that there are still at least 2,000 Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants with nowhere to land. It also spoke to IOM’s Joe Lowry. | ABC Australia


The UN Information Center in Rio has featured IOM Haiti’s work in a video on the “New Haiti” (from 1’47’’ to 3’42’’), including references to DTM figures, the rental subsidy program, and an interview with IOM’s Gregoire Goodstein.