Malaysian authorities have confirmed they've discovered almost 140 graves in a series of abandoned camps used by human traffickers on the border with | ABC


Channel 4 News spoke to IOM’s Joe Lowry on the Southeast Asia migration crisis and said that rescues are not happening "fast enough" and "the talking as to stop".


CNN's Robyn Curnow discusses what is driving the latest wave of migration in Southeast Asia with Director General William Lacy Swing


IOM Director General William Lacy Swing tells CNN’s Max Foster the boats of migrants will 'keep coming' unless comprehensive action is taken.


The migrant crisis spills into Southeast Asia. Desperate people on the move. Blocked. Abandoned at sea. Europe’s still reeling from its own influx. What’s to be done? NPR’s On Point talked about the migrant crisis in Southeast Asia and migration crisis in the Mediterrenean. IOM’s Leonard Doyle was one of the guests


International agencies are calling on navies in Southeast Asia to rescue as many as 10,000 migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh who may be stranded at sea and facing an uncertain fate. Voice of America also reported about SE Asian governments being urged to rescue stranded migrants at sea and spoke to IOM’s Jeffrey Labovitz.| VOA News


BBC reported about thousands of refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar are stranded at sea close to Thailand. IOM’s Leonard Doyle spoke to BBC and said that these migrants were being "exploited, extorted and indeed tortured" | BBC News


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Nearly 6,000 migrants who've been rescued off the Libyan coast over the weekend are now being taken to Italy. Federico Soda of the International Organization for Migration told BBC Newsday who these migrants are. | BBC World Service Radio


William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration, tells Paula Newton why he's reading "The Myth of the Muslim Tide." | CNN