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COVID-19 Frontliners

To combat misinformation about migration in one of the main transit countries in West and Central Africa, IOM launched in April 2016 its very first orientation office for migrants in Agadez, Niger, and trained the first group of community mobilize

Improving HIV testing, disclosure and treatment for migrant communities

In the busy town of Maputsoe, in Lesotho on the border with South Africa, a hairdresser recounts how her engagement with an IOM change agent led to important shifts in her knowledge about family planning, provided pivotal counselling, and helped f

Changing the Narrative: Photo Exhibition Showcases Migrant, Refugee Entrepreneurship

The annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GFW) campaign raises awareness of and promotes entrepreneurship initiatives.

Rex’s Ordeal in Libya

Information is power, runs the popular adage. However, being informed about the risks he would endure along the migration routes was not enough to keep Rex home.

Gambian Returnees Band Together to Fight the “Backway”

Alhagie heard the sound of gunshots as he found his way through the dank, musty detention centre in Tripoli in 2017. 

How Learning Languages Is Opening Doors for Migrants and Minorities

To paraphrase the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, the limits of language define the limits of our worlds. In Kosovo, language often defines the parameters of social, cultural, economic and political life.

Tendé Festival: Building Peace in the Sahel

Since 2003, the commune of Afoukada in Ingall has been host as well to a smaller event, the Tendé festival, centered around a traditional musical instrument — the ‘tendé — considered a pivotal instrument in the consolidation of peace in a conflict

First Year of School, Sixth Year of Conflict

Are you getting ready for the first of September? Have you bought all the textbooks, notebooks and school uniforms? Got a lesson schedule?

Improving Health Access for Displaced Women and Girls in Iraq

In 2014, when ISIL militants began their rampage, millions of Iraqis raced to flee their homes. From large cities and tiny villages, an estimated 1.6 million Internally Displaced Persons spread across Iraq.

How Youths from Migrant Backgrounds are Driving a Cultural Shift in the West via Social Media

Nadir Nahdi lives most of his life via social media. Coming of age in the era of the internet, he knows what it takes to amass an online audience who are interested in following his work and life. 

Assistance for Stranded Migrants in the Horn of Africa

Mohamed, newly-arrived from Libya, recalls how he ended up stuck in a detention centre not long after leaving home.

UN Youth Forum: Empowered, Included, Equal

"While young people are right to be impatient at my generation, we must work together if we are to tackle the challenges we face. All of us have responsibilities — young and old," said Ms.