Official Statements

Numbers of Foreigners Needing Evacuation Assistance from Lebanon Rise


More requests are coming into IOM from governments to help evacuate
stranded migrants in Lebanon.

IOM has already been asked by Bangladesh, Moldova, Philippines and
Sri Lanka to evacuate the most vulnerable of their nationals to
Syria and Jordan.

Ghana, which does not have a diplomatic presence in Lebanon, has
now also asked IOM about the possibility of evacuating up to 500 of
its nationals identified in Beirut and an as yet unknown number in
the city of Tripoli.

Increased Global Mobility Calls for Rethinking on Integration Policies


Traditional notions of migrant integration into host communities
need to be rethought in an increasingly trans-national world, said
the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as it holds a
two-day meeting on integration issues in Geneva today.

The meeting, which brings together representatives from IOM’s
118 member states, international organizations, non-governmental
organizations, the private sector and academia, will focus on
“Migrants and the Host Society: Partnerships for

Migrants' Remittances: A New Development Finance for World's Poorest Nations?


Poor countries could do more to fully exploit the developmental
potential of remittances from migrants, according to a new IOM-UN

The publication - prepared by the International Organization for
Migration (IOM) and the UN Office of the High Representative for
the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and
the Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) identifies
remittances as an increasingly important source of external finance
for the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

© IOM 2006

New Water System Benefits Poor Community


The 6,000 residents of the northern town of Borbon are today
celebrating a new water system.

The IOM-supported water system was a large and complex
infrastructure project that took one and a half years to complete,
at a cost of more than US$ 1.2 million.

The municipality and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
developed the design, and members of the community contributed with
their labor.

IOM Chief of Mission in Ecuador, Alejandro Guidi, explains,

Dutch Government Contributes Euro 1 million to IOM Earthquake Response in Yogjakarta, Indonesia


The International Organization for Migration’s emergency
response to the earthquake in Java, Indonesia today received a Euro
1 million contribution from the Netherlands government.

The funds will be used to support IOM’s transport and
logistics operations, medical programming and purchase emergency
supplies including generators, shelter materials, mattresses and

IOM Continues Earthquake Relief Work


The International Organization for
Migration continues to tap decades of experience responding to
global emergencies to deliver relief supplies and assist hundreds
of people injured by Saturday’s devastating earthquake on
Indonesia’s Java island.

IOM has delivered an estimated 190 tons of
food- and non-food items to earthquake-affected districts on behalf
of the Indonesian government and international relief

© IOM 2006 (Photo: Shima Roy)

IOM Helps Dozens of Earthquake Survivors Return Home, Distributes 150 Tons of Aid to Affected Areas


The International Organization for Migration
today helped dozens of injured survivors of Saturday’s
earthquake on Indonesia’s Java Island and their family
members return to their communities from regional hospitals.

More than 130 people, including 60 who were
treated in hospitals in Yogjakarta and Klaten, received assistance
returning home.

© IOM 2006 (Photo: Shima Roy)

IOM Delivering Aid, Assisting in Medical Evacuations


The International Organization for
Migration this morning began loading its trucks in Yogjakarta,
Indonesia, with 35 tons of food, water and medical supplies to be
distributed to the areas worst hit by Saturday’s

IOM Business Advisory Board Meets with Egypt's First Lady, Prepares for High-Level Dialogue


Members of the IOM Director General’s
Business Advisory Board (BAB) met in Cairo on 17 May with Egyptian
First Lady Suzanne Mubarak, who delivered a luncheon address on
migration issues. Given the importance of migration for Egypt, Mrs.
Mubarak is a strong advocate for a better managed international
migration system and a leader in the worldwide campaign to
eradicate trafficking in persons.

IOM, Ricky Martin Foundation Sign Global Cooperation Agreement to Combat Child Trafficking


The International Organization for
Migration (IOM) and the Ricky Martin Foundation (RMF) have signed a
global cooperation agreement aimed at raising awareness of and
combating the sexual exploitation and trafficking of

The global agreement will allow IOM and RMF to
put in place joint projects to combat human trafficking all over
the world, with special emphasis on children and minors.