Photo Stories

Providing First Aid Assistance to Migrants at Niger Desert.

IOM Chad Assessment, Assistance and Evacuation Operations in Gatroun and Sabha, Southern Libya


IOM Chad conducted an assessment mission to southern Libya late June 2011. This has resulted into air evacuations of nearly two thousand migrants stranded in Gatroun and Sabha. Food and medical care were also provided during the mission.


IOM also set up a transit centre in Sabha to meet food and accommodation needs. The centre has also sheltered over three thousand migrants from different countries due to the recent deterioration of the area’s security.

IOM is organizing their land evacuation by through Chad.

Haiti: Fighting Cholera in Camps


IOM is focusing efforts on containing the spread of cholera in camps for internally displaced person (IDPs). aming the activities are hygiene promotion and a cholera information campaign. IOM Haiti's graphic cartoon newspaper, Chimen Lakay recently released an issue about cholera prevention. The newspaper is bieng supplement by a live radio show from IDP camps which is broadcast nationwide.

After the Storm, Shelter for the Homeless


IOM moves 110 families residing in Corail-Cesselesse into newly constructed transitional shelter after a violent strom on 24 September damaged or flood many tents in the camp. Over the weekedn, IOM and its humanitarian partners distributed tarpaulins, tents and shelter kits to those affected by the storm. © IOM 2013

Photos © Asim Hafeez/OnAsia/IOM 2010

Expanding Disaster Relief Assistance in Pakistan


With shelter needs increasing by the day, IOM together with the government, partner agencies and local organizations continue to expand emergency operations including the distribution of much-needed on-food items like plastic sheets, jerry cans and blankets to flood victims in Pakistan. Photos © Asim Hafeez/OnAsia/IOM 2010

Emergency Evacuation from Parc Fleurieux


On 22 July IOM began the emergency evacuation of some 1,300 people living in dangerous condition in Parc Fleurieux, Port-au Prince after the Government of Haiti ordered the closure of the camp because of the danger of flooding from a polluted lake.

IOM staff undertake IDP profile and registration to faciliate return and reintegration in Harteshiek, Jijilga, Ethiopia. @IOM

Assistance to Vulnerable Population


IOM through its global lead on the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster for natural disaster serves to improve living condition of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) located in all types of communal setting (planned camps, collective centres, self-settled camps or reception/transit centres) by ensuring the effective coordination for the delivery of assistance and protection services as well as striving for durable solutions.